Looking for advice on managing and treating cholesterol

I personally could never eat the way Bernstein outlines but I always like to hear his thoughts on a subject. I think his thoughts in the video on cholesterol are interesting. The Bernstein diet is some what obsoleted now that afrezza is available but few are using it.

On BG control his rationale behind his approach is what he calls “the law of small numbers”. The thought is there is always inevitable error in predicting the insulin dose to cover a meal and this error is bigger when the meal is high-carb and the required insulin dose is bigger. In other words, taking small doses of insulin to cover a small dose of slow-acting carbs prevents inadvertent big under/over dosing that could cause dangerous spikes and crashes in blood sugar.


My A1c for 4 years has been 5.4-5.7

Also dexcom 95% in range

I don’t feel like there is a lot I can improve with my blood sugar.


Thank you, it’s helpful to hear you had a good experience. I think most online user reviews of medications are mostly negative so it’s hard to get a fair idea how it works for most people.

When I went off statins they put me on Zetia, and I did have pain again. After being on Repatha for a few years my lipid cardiologist wanted me to go on Zetia again, I relented and did not have pain. I have no idea why.


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