Looking for an Endo Referral in Las Vegas

I will soon be relocating and am looking for an Endo Referral in Las Vegas. But I really only want someone who is familiar with Pump, preferably One Touch Ping, and CGM Dexcom G4....Ha Ha now how is that for asking for a lot! Anyone out there? I have Anthem Blue Cross PPO....

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I was referred by a member on here to a Dr Shadi Abdelnour from UNLV Medical Center
He was the most pompous and uncaring jerk of a Doctor I have ever met. after waiting from May to October for my first appointment, I was barely listened to, but at least had some blood work ordered. He refused to write Rxs for supplies and wrote incorrect Rx refills even for my insulin and I had to call three times to resolve that.

My tests came back, I finally demanded a copy when he wouldn't return my calls. several things needed immediate attention. It is now the end of Feb...He still hasn't returned my calls or attended to the abnormal tests and they just re-scheduled me to April!