Looking for endo in Los Angeles area

We are looking for an endocrinologist in the Los Angeles area: it would be great if they were a follower of the Dr Bernstein philosophy/Type 1 Grit. It would be fabulous if they themselves had Type 1 Diabetes.
Thanks so much !

Have you tried to ask this question in the type 1 grit Facebook group? If you’re not a member of this closed group, you can usually get a member request answered quickly. I’m sure that group would have recommendations in a large metroplex like Los Angeles.

yes I posted it there

Good luck finding the endo you’re looking for. It would be nice to visit with an endo that appreciates how effective carb limiting can be for BG control.

I’m in the “smile and nod” diabetes patient club. As long as I get my Rx’s for the meds I want, I’m happy. I do not seek any insulin dosing or tactical advice from my endo. She’s a good listener but I think her hands are tied with what she can say to me without worrying about possible legal risks.

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Is this group “typeonegrit” on Facebook or something else?

Yeah, it’s T1D parents’ FB group that follows Bernstein.

I live in Los Angeles and I really like my endo…I am t1 and he really does not care what diet you follow as long as you try to keep your blood sugars in range. His name is Arash Nourparvar and he is located in Encino.


I also live in L.A. and would love to find a Dr. B follower. What I’ve settled for is a really great doctor in Scottsdale, AZ who loves Dr. B. In fact, she is a diabetic, herself, and follows his protocol. Her name is Dr. Helen Hilts at Honor Health. A long ways from L.A., I know- but she doesn’t only agree with Dr. B., she will treat you as he would, too.