Looking for ideas and resources

I am looking for ideas and resources concerning health care. For the last 20 years I have been disabled, receiving SSI and Medicaid. In the state of South Dakota, (don't know if it's national or not) when you turn 62 and have been on SSI, you are put on Social Security, and your medicaid is terminated. Way back in April, knowing that this was going to happen, I contacted the Social Security offices and Department of Social Services (DSS) who adminiters the SSI/Medicaid program. They told me it was too early to start planning for August of this year. Well, it wasn't. On July 1, I got a letter that said I was good as far as Medical care for the immediate future; yesterday July 3, I get a letter that states I am done, no SSI (which isn't what I am most concerned about) and Medicaid. I have been contacting these offices for months trying to get an idea of what needed to be done, and nothing. Or one would say they don't handle that, go see the other....back and forth. Now it is July 4, and I have 19 days to find Medical care or programs/policies that will cover over $1500 in medical care a month. I have type II diabetes, three medications including insulin for that; I have PTSD, BPD and severe chronic depression and three medications for that; I have degenerative disc disease in every joint in my body and four medications for that; high bp and two meds for that. Plus numerous docs, physical therapy and mental health therapy to pay for.I have contacted two out of the three congressional people from SD for help in just getting the offices to open up; I have contacted the National Social Security office, in the past their information has not proven to be what my local office gives me, so I doubt that was productive. My primary care doc said she would give me a script for next month which buys me some time medicatioin-wise. Now what do I do with the Physical therapy, doc's visits, therapy visits, etc? I have to be honest, this feels as if I don't get answers soon, they are trying to kill me, because without the medical and medications in my life (as much as I hate them) I could very well die. NO I am not going to kill myself, so calm down. Do you have ideas of where to seek out help in addition to what I have already done. Managed Care or national health care website is too much money for me ---- I'll be getting about $490 a month Soc security -- private insurance is out of the question financially as well. I'm lost, stressed to the max, and understand (don't accept) why sometimes these people see consumers in their offices with guns. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or resources I could try, please help me. You can PM me if you want. But please if you have snide remarks, mean remarks save them till later, I don't need that kind of help. Thanks, for anything, including prayer you can offer,

Have you talked with your agency on aging. Or elder legal services. I think most states have these as free services. I am sorry our complex medical system are giving you so much stress. Best of luck. Nancy

You have one congressional representative and two senators that represent you. You said that you've sought help there but imply that their help has been limited to getting the Social Security and Medicaid offices to simply "open up" for you. Representatives and Senators all have staff to handle "constituent services." Your difficulty seems squarely in that domain. I suggest that you put some more effort in that direction. Perhaps a face-to-face meeting along with a written description of your situation, like what you've written here, can help them to help you.

It doesn't seem just or fair that the richest nation on the face of the planet could justify leaving someone in your situation without medical care to survive. I'm sorry for your troubles and wish I had something more to offer you.

Terry great idea, and I've done that. I'm not the type of person who stands back and gets messed with, Senator Thune's aide, Aimee, and I have a meeting on Monday to get the two entities together at least on the phone and find some answers, But "retiring" shouldn't have to be this hard. I worry about the people who don't have the guts, determination or ability to get their needs met. It will get worked out for me....or hell will freeze over.Still this isn't doing my stress level any good, nor my health, Thanks for your support

Nancy, I have phone numbers for the SD offices of aging and medical services...most of their people were gone for the week, starting on Wed, So they are on my Call List for tomorrow (Monday) morning. Thanks for your encouragement

It is all about advocacy for ourselves. Nancy