Looking for new Endo in the SF South Bay

Hi All,

I recently moved to Sunnyvale, CA, and I’m looking for good endo out here. I’m one who likes to test new and different treatments, including Afrezza. And I eat fairly low carb.

I have Anthem Blue Cross of California. If anyone has an recos I’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance!

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David Greenfield, Mt. View

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Marina Bassina at Stanford

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Lara Wong, PAMF/ Mtn View Facility

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Not sure if you’re willing to go to San Francisco (I commute from SF to Mountain View, so definitely not assuming you would want to…) but USCF is great, in particular Dr. Masharani.


Thanks all. Much appreciated!


Tried to get an appt with her, but her next available is in November :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh my, that’s so far away!

Ouch! I definitely recommend her though. Not a party line dr, she goes off script when needed and can think for herself. I can’t say enough good things about her.