Looking for One Touch Ping user with Skype account

Is there anyone who is using a One Touch Ping and would be willing to have a Skype call with me today?

I’d just like to see a bit of the menus and buttons to refresh my memory. It’s been a few weeks since my trial…

I’m on California time, but am happy to accommodate your schedule.

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:


Jan, sure… email me and we can set it up. I’m in DE

Hi, I just sent my email and Skype name in a private msg. I was about to run out for a couple of errands (it’s 3:45pm in Calif.), but will check my computer as soon as I get back.

You’re using the One Touch Ping, right? And you have a camera on your computer?

Thanks, friend! Much appreciated.


Or you can come on up for our Type 1 Women’s Group in Berkeley next Saturday and see our pumps!

Thank you for the invite, Zoe! But Berkeley’s a little far for me to come. :frowning:

(But my parents met there. So it’s because of UC Berkeley that I even exist!)

I figured it might be, but it’s a great group of women, so perhaps one day you’ll make it here, perhaps in conjunction with other things you want to do in this area! Most of us are pumpers, and it’s a big topic of conversation.

I’m aware of the group. I think you did a bang-up job in launching it and getting the word out. Was very impressed when I bumped into your announcements in a few places. :slight_smile:

i could help if needed as well

I also have Skype…

Thank you, everyone! I have decided that I will get a Ping and Dexcom.

I had two Skype calls and they were fun! It’s great to meet others here on the forum.

I’m open to having others, just to get to know each other and hear about your life as a PWD. There’s so much to learn…

So Andrew and Ernie, if you’d like to talk just to share experiences, I’m open. Let me know.

Jan :slight_smile:

Yea I wouldnt mind im replying through my phone right now my name on skype is andrew tumsuden

Thanks, Jan. Actually it was the JDRF who got the word out for the group. They sponsor it and that also allows for us to use a library room to meet as a representative of a non-profit. But in the 9 months since the group started it has really grown!

I definitely encourage any one who wants to start a Type 1 group to contact the JDRF in their area!

Congrats on your decision to get the Ping and the Dexcom. Sounds like you’re not holding your breath until the Vibe makes it across the pond! Gotta love the FDA and how it slows down progress in the U.S.