Looking for Starlix( nateglinide)users

I use Metformin 500 3 to4 times a day and follow a low carb diet. If I’m out or not in control of what meals are on offer, I add a Starlix 60. I also take one if I measure BG and go above my target of 5 (90) I checked and it’s safe to do and my doctor knows I do it. I don’t think he approves, but hasn’t ordered me to stop. I don’t take one with every meal, because of the weight gain effect. I’m fighting my weight down.
Recently I discovered the website “Blood Sugar 101”, where I read that Starlix can cause back pain. I’ve had a lot of this recently and wondered if this is the cause. I had a stroke about 5 years ago and had thought that my weakened muscles might be the cause of the pain. Is there anyone who uses this medication and has had this experience?