Looking for teachers

I used to teach elementary school == K - 6. I loved it, it was one of three things I always wanted to be in my life. A teacher, a wife and a mother, that was it, and I achieved all three.

But in 1992 I had to leave teaching due to a disability. I miss it every year about September. I even go and buy supplies for a child who has none, and a box of crayons for me.

I am looking for teachers, new, mid career, and retired to converse with about teaching about diabetes, whatever pops up…Please respond and we’ll chat.

Cathy J

are you a member of our Teachers’ Group?


Hi Cathy. I was a math teacher at the college level for 34 years but I had to retire when I was 57 because of problems with my Type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance (a Type 2 characteristic) and I was a double diabetic then. I continued teaching part time after retiring and finally stopped teaching in 2004. I have been Type 1 for 64 years and my helth at this time is very good.

That is a shame you miss teaching so much. Is it possible for you to be a substitute teacher?


Hi Cathy! In the middle of grading for quarter and semester grades right now, but I’m certainly a teacher!

I have done some subbing…but along with the diabetes are two terrible knees. Although I could do higher grades, some skills are just not there…math, for one. And they always seem to call me for math at the 9th grade level. UGH!

With the younger kids you have to be able to move, and some days, most days, moving faster than a snail is tough.
So although I don’t mind subbing, is there anyone who loves it?, I have to pick and chose because of the arthritis.

WOW, you have given me new hope in living with diabetes long term. Thanks,