Looking forward to once-a-day or no calibration for Dexcom


Gear 3 still runs Tizen as well. If it was android wear it would be super easy.


Yeah, I keep trying to make it work.
I have a choice of either the time or my BG.
Wearable widgets just won’t show the time as an additional like. Even though Xdrip supports it, etc.


Wow, I had no idea. I thought they were all running on AW now. Goes to show I haven’t been keeping up on the smartwatch space.


That’s why I think the Pebble is amazing for this purpose, the screen is always on so you don’t have to do anything but glance to see your number and trend. It’s really unfortunate it was discontinued, I considered buying a modern Android Wear watch but really think the Pebble is the best choice for Dexcom due to the long battery life and always-on screen.


The Gear 3 can be always on as well. Just saves battery to keep it off the rest of the time.


Does anyone have any sense of when the G6 will be released? I’ve seen 2018 online, but not which quarter.



Last I heard the Dexcom CEO publicly discussing this, he was speaking of two paths forward for the G6 and he was unsure which path they would take.

He is committed to having a G6 with no calibrations deployed before the end of this year (2018). However, he also does not want an unreasonable delay in the launch of the G6 in terms of earlier this year. The G6 was originally going to be “once per day calibration”. (Actually 2 calibrations first day then one per day going forward).

So, he wants to balance those and it depends on how it goes between the FDA and Dexcom.

Also he would prefer to have one launch this year rather then two launches.

So, hypothesizing from that. If Dexcom could get the FDA to approve a “no calibration” G6 by Summer then they probably would hold off and go that route. If it appears that the FDA will not approve the “no calibration” G6 until Fall then Dexcom may be more likely to launch the G6 this Spring as “one calibration per day” with a follow-up launch later this Fall with the G6 as “no calibration”.

That is quite a bit of speculation on my part based on a couple of comments made by the Dexcom CEO.


My guess, with Medtronics seemingly pushing hard to be the sole provider of pumps and CGMs in the US, that Dexcom wants to be as advanced as possible as soon as possible.
On the other hand, the “no-calibration” issue is what made developers like Bigfoot move away from Dexcom and go with Freestyle Libre (though, unless they’re expecting a Libre with a continuous signal, I’m not sure how that will work!). They’re likely to be pushing on this issue heavily. Personally, I want them to succeed - I like their system and need the alerts…


I don’t mind calibrating, what I don’t like is when I get a calibration error. I normally do my meter tests before meals or having a snack, which means I will be eating almost immediately afterwards, which I think is the cause of the calibration errors. I should probably just tell it not to use the test to calibration and then do another test in a couple hours for calibration. That wouldn’t be a problem, but if I forget to do this, it forces me to do another test immediately afterwards to calibrate, which will then definitely be a calibration error, and a second calibration error makes it tell you to change the sensor, no third chance or option to “uncalibrate” until later. In other words, depending on how long it has been since I changed the sensor, it could shorten the life by several days. Not good.


LOL! I refuse to call the Libre a “CGM”. I know others do. I won’t. :slight_smile:


Njsokalsi, are u referring to a MM sensor? I had those for about a year. HATED them! I was always on the phone with tech support. They sent me no less than 22 replacements. If I want my BP to rise, all I have to do is think about Enlites. :slight_smile:


And to be honest, my experience with its accuracy (used 2 sensors) was very bad. Also taking the sensor off is not easy at all.


I just got a Libre reader/sensor about a month ago and you have to replace the sensor every 10 days and then it won’t work for 12 hours. From finger sticking all day, I am sure getting aggravated for those 12 hours every 10 days I have to do it again!!!