Looks like i'm going to need a switchup soon

Today has gone a bit better, my sugars have stayed below 170, again even with my strict dieting and crazy exercising i can’t seem to get the hang of this multiple daily injection thing… i’m so use to ONE daily injection in the morning and going about my day with no worries… i never took novorapid before my night snack because my sugars were 82… now its up to 181…all i ate was an apple and cauliflower… damnit… so heres a question… those of you on novorapid, do you take it everytime you go to eat, even if your sugars are low? i can’t get use to this bolus thing because it seems every time i take a unit with food my sugars drop an hour later… tipppppssss anyone??? I can’t believe i’ve had this for 9 years and i’m still so clueless about insulin… damn 8 year extended honeymoons, the doctors can loose the “miracle child” status they had on me now hahahaha

I’ve had this for 17 years and its still kicks my butt sometimes. Believe me you are not clueless. In fact, you are smarter than most because you are asking questions.

In a nutshell, I do like you do. I take my rapid (Humalog) almost every time I put carbs in my body, unless I think that even the smallest dose will make me go low. Then I’ll pass, just like you did last night. You made a tough call that resulted in a tiny mistake, no biggie, take the lump and move on. You are doing just fine.

Your diabetes, just like your metabolism, is gonna change every year. An apple at night might mean something insignificant today and something huge tomorrow. Your hormones might not mean anything this morning, but the next morning they could spike your sugars like crazy.

Fair?..not at all. Frustrating?..heck yeah. I mean how do you control a disease that changes faster than we can draw our syringes?

As far as the honeymoon phase, like childhood, it will eventually phase out. I sure as heck know mine did. This can be a very confusing time…it is important not to panic as your body slowly becomes more and more “diabetic” if that makes any sense. Just keep pushing, keep adjusting, and keep asking questions. If it’s happening to you chances are it’s already happened to one of us :wink: