Loop app keeps crashing

We have been looping for a month or so with great results. Two days ago, my sons loop app started crashing every time we tried to open it (iphone 8). Tried hard restarts with no results. We removed his pod and started using his pdm. I deleted and rebuilt the app last night and it worked great for 12 hours. Now it is crashing again. Anyone else seen this and have any advice? Loopdocs says crashes occur with expired app and backwards correction ranges, both of which aren’t the issue here.

What are backwards correction ranges? Is that like saying 70-50 instead of 50-70?


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They are reporting that they need debugging logs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac4MguvUO7M&feature=youtu.be

oops, I see that you were in Zulip.

Does @Kelly6 need a developer account to get the logs? Do you have the Apple dev account (when you setup, you would have paid $99 for it), Kelly?

Do you have your iphone set to perform automatic updates? I don’t. iPhone had some security warnings, they may be pushing updates. I wonder if that messed things up. What operating system are you running on iPhone 8? People say that should breaks stuff, but people aren’t always correct.

You can quickly determine which version of iOS is running on your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch by launching the Settings apps. Once open, navigate to General > About and then look for Version . The number next to version will indicate which type of iOS you are using.

Which transmitter are you using/how long have you had it?

This is a real bummer of a problem. I hope it gets resolved.