Loop can increase time in range by one month per year


I heard they are going to start giving it to Medicare patients in the spring so it will not be that long. My plan is to wait until they force me to switch to it because I have a lot of G5 sensors and I’m not going to throw them away. So I guess I will probably wait until the spring as well. I’m assuming that is when they’re going to start this change.


Same here (G5 stock). I may end up replacing the batteries in my old xmitters if it’s not to difficult. The actual battery changing I think I can manage, but I THINK that in order to use the expired xmitters I have to also do so sort reprogramming of sorts. IIRC, it requires a Mac. I’ve got one in the house but I’m primarily a PC guy so the idea has no appeal.


Well if you figure out how to do that please let us know I don’t know if that’s something I would ever be able to do but I do use Macs LOL.


I think there are instructions on one of the FB groups and I can’t recall if the “reprogramming” is required to use the Dexcom app(or receiver) or to use either Dexcom or xDrip. If I could get away with only changing the battery and make it work with xDrip that would be ok with me. I like to keep things simple!


I don’t think instructions on the Facebook group is going to be enough for me. But who knows. I couldn’t imagine myself opening this thing up and that would be the end of it I would never figure out how to do anything or get it back together etc.


i think there are webpages that describe the procedure and some folks on FB link to them. I’m looking right now…


FOUND IT!! https://seemycgm.com/2018/05/03/reset-g5-transmitter/

and yup, it does require a Mac.

Replacing transmitter batteries

Thanks - will check this out asap👍🏻


My takeaway from the instructions is that (I’m inferring here) if we use xDrip we don’t have to go thru the reset procedure–only if we want to use Dexcom apps or receiver.


Yes, your take away is correct. I’m still on G5 and xDrip+ but many are on G6 experiencing no artificial expiration.


As we all know, each diabetic is unique, and the quote above proves that. You cannot wait until you can marry the two systems, and I personally would not ever want to do that. Why? Well, I have the G6 system, and I find it less than reliable. Most of the time, the G6 (which measures glucose differently than a glucose meter) is 20 -30 points higher than the meter. Occasionally, though, it is the same amount lower. Case in pint: I got a “low” reading of 65 a couple of days ago, and when I tested with my OmniPod PDM, I got a reading of 90! While I would correct for 65, I certainly would not correct for 90. I did not correct at that time, and an hour later I was at 129. I like that the CGM shows me trends, but I would NEVER trust it – in my case – to use as a base from which I would dose my insulin.


Yeah it’s hard to decide what to do but I will definitely try it and see how it works for me if I don’t want to use it I can just shut it off on the pump so it’s not a big deal.


You certainly have the right attitude. I am all for progress; however, since I am very sensitive to insulin, I personally would not feel comfortable with a system that mathematically makes adjustments for me. As I said, each person is different, so the best we can do is to do exactly what you plan: learn what works the best for your personal physiology, and use it. Good luck with your future endeavors! I truly hope that they closed system works well for you.


It doesn’t make decisions that much yet, it just shuts off when dex says you are low and starts up when you rise. I’m very sensitive too, but I also go into dka rapidly. I was at 46 when I woke up yesterday, dex was right, so it would have helped me in that situation. I woke up shut basal off and drank juice, I was getting up at that point, but it could maybe have been avoided.


Especially considering it could take much longer to come to Canada than the US launch… Part of why I’m still holding off on Tandem is that I’m waiting to see how long the G6 (supposedly submitted in September) and then Basal IQ take to get here. I’m wondering if the Basal IQ will have as long an approval process since it’s just software. Hopefully not, and if it gets here fast, then probably Control IQ will come relatively fast as well.


I think Basal-IQ suspends when it predicts you will be low soon, not after you hit the low.


Before it was named Basal-IQ, it was labeled PLGS or predictive low glucose suspend.


Cde told me it shuts off when you are at or below your target low. I have not used it yet because I do not have G6 yet. A fellow pwd on Instagram told me that G6 is absolutely terrible and she said don’t get it! She is having the same problems that I have had with every dex I’ve had, LOL, so I’m afraid it could be even worse than the G5 for me. She is awaiting a double transplant and is on dialysis. A go fund me has helped raise funds to purchase ins that will cover the cost of anti rejection drugs. If anyone wants to donate, she still needs funds. She is kidneypancreasfornic at gofund me if in anyone is able to help.


Here is info I read regarding basal-IQ.

What’s even more unique is that Basal-IQ can automatically shut off insulin delivery when the BG level is predicted to drop below 80 mg/dL or if BG is currently below 70 mg/dL and falling. Instead of automatically stopping delivery for a set period of time, the system immediately resumes insulin once BG values are back in range and at a safe level again.

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Alerts and Alarms: Users can choose whether they want alerts to sound each time this happens, although the point is to have this management feature working in the background, to give us PWDs less to worry about on a daily basis.


Interesting, I’m not sure if I want it stopping at those bg though, more like 50-60 for me when sleeping. But if I’m out or active at home shutting off then could sometimes help as long as it starts up.