Loop: What reports to print?

I’m meeting with my endo tomorrow and he is not aware that I’m running loop! I’m kinda nervous. I’ve had this endo for about a year and he’s great but he’s kind a by the book so might not like me doing loop.

I’m currently doing nightscout as well as tidepool and even Dexcom Clarity.

What would you suggest I print out?

Has anyone made a handout / summary sheet or whatever that they can also give to their endo if they are unaware or want info on loop?

If you are doing Clarity that will suffice. I’ve been to two endos (our first one recently retired) and they both are happy with just 2 Clarity reports: Statistics and AGP. You could also throw in the Summary.

We don’t do anything different with Loop than we did without Loop. We provide his settings - basal, and ratios - and dexcom summary. What do you normally provide?

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You can also allow the doctor’s office to look at Clarity while you are there, if you don’t mind the privacy issue. I download my Dexcom before going to see the doctor, and I have given them permission (and password) to look at any of my data. It bugs me a little, but it’s very convenient. Maybe your doctor’s office will do this, too.

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As a medical professional, your doctor can access the Dexcom Healthcare Professional site which gives the doctor far more granular data than is available to you as a patient. Once you arrive at your doctor’s office, your receiver data can be downloaded by your doctor and then the doctor can run a myriad of reports based on the professional software.

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I don’t loop but I do email my doctor the AGP, overlay and statistics reports. And just for two weeks. But I also print the overview for 90 days to make sure the CGM and lab are still inline. I send them a few days before my appointment with a list of questions I want to talk about. That way he can research anything before and we can discuss it right there versus the I’ll get back to you line. Whether your looping or not the reports should be pretty close.

I’m already sharing my Clarity data so he has access to my CGM stuff but with loop it won’t show any of my basal/bolus/pump stuff is what I was concerned about.

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I keep it simple. I print out a Clarity 14-day AGP report and then handwrite in my average total daily insulin dose for the last 14 days, my pump basal rate program, my insulin to carb ratios, and my insulin sensitivity factors.

I think the 14-day AGP report is comprehensive and actionable. Your doc may prefer certain other reports.

My doctors don’t appear to want to talk much about Loop beyond simply acknowledging that I use it. The results speak for themselves.

Please let us know how your first post-Loop visit goes.

I brought him nothing. Nothing. And he was a brand new Doc for me. Crazy, I know.

He was pretty cool. But, I have to bring records next time. Its a lot of color printing to do for loop.

Could you print a 2-week summary page from Tidepool? Also, if you bring your share username and password, that might be enough for them to access the Dexcom records. You can grant them access through your phones Dexcom share app. They will probably know how to do this. As you mentioned, they have that.

You can give them full access to the insulin stuff through Tidepool. My nurses said that they didn’t have an email address they could provide me, so they didn’t get that.

Top of the Tidepool page…select “share”

Select Invite a new member

Then, Enter their email address

You will need a laptop and internet connection to do this.

So where do I gete the daily basal/bous/total delivery by day? I can’t seem to find pump side stuff.

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Then, scroll down to CONFIGURATION

Click basal rates for your daily basal settings that are pre-programmed.

They will want ALL those configuration settings. I just read mine to my doc and he wrote them down, but you could copy them down on paper in the waiting room, ahead of time. I was a crappy patient.

This two week view is probobly a pretty good summary. If you want the actual daily dosages, you will need to select the daily setting in Tidepool, not the 2 week one.

Daily is here:

The daily will show everything.

But, just for 1 day, so its a lot of color printing. Maybe just print out a few days of that.

I had this same problem. The nurses were super unhelpful. I simply did not want to do that much color printing. I dont yet know what to provide next appointment. Let me know what your people say.

Part of the issue is that the insurance company requires some form of data be submitted.

Now that you are raising this question, I see that I’ve oversimplified things when preparing for Caleb’s visits. I get all the basal rates and ratios from Loop and write them down. TDD never seems to be of particular interest, so I have noted it in the past, but not always. With all the temp basaling Loop does, the settings that I provide aren’t particularly informative. I don’t know that his doctor would be able to provide input about settings with the added layer of analysis that Loop inherently requires. This is probably your point that I’m slow to pick up on.

I think Caleb’s doctor bases his assessment on his Dexcom reports which are pretty boring so the conversation usually doesn’t go too deeply into his settings.

What model/brand of pump?

Why can’t u print pump reports for that?? I print from three sources: 1) meter- Glucofacts, 2) pump - Carelink, 3) CGM - Clarity

I think you are way over-thinking the reports needed for the doc. This seems like it’s a full time job now, just to print some reports.

Todays appointment was AMAZING!

I printed out b/w tidepool for 2 weeks, dexcom for the month, and hand wrote insulin for 2 weeks.

Doc walks in with his own Clarity report and says I kid you not something like “this looks so amazing that I should frame it!”

I told him it was all thanks to Loop. He said he heard something about it and wanted to know more!

I gave him the loopkit.com web site and told him all data uploads to tidepool.

He was so intrigued that he said he has 1 other that’s on it but he knows that 670 is the only choice right now and might want to offer something different to his patients!

He actually asked me if I’d want to teach a class! I didn’t know what to say but I’m thinking about it!

There is actually a facebook group with parents of T1 kids locally here in St. Louis MO that has meet ups every so often so I may get with them and see if we can do something together. I have no clue how to lead a class but I’m flattered!

If anyone has any ideas, fliers, etc. that would be helpful.

I was actually thinking of bringing ingredients for chaffles and making those as a snack. Perhaps I can get a local grocery store to donate depending on how many show up and the venue.

The facebook group uses the library conference rooms which are free if you don’t sell anything, or so I’ve heard.


If you can create a curriculum, you can do it. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @BradP!

I agree with @Dave44 you can do it!

Would you talk about setting basal rates? That might be helpful upfront. I wonder how many sessions you would have to do to cover it? Could be really valuable to people.

I think that the point of showing them the data is to help them understand, more than to help us get setting adjustments. I dont think they want to do that much because of their lack of familiarity/fda approval stuff.