Loop with Omnipod vs Omnipod 5 and Medtronic changes

I am currently using Loop with an old Medtronic pump. However, this may have to change as Medtronic no longer makes reservoirs which are compatible with the types of pumps which are in turn compatible w/ Loop.

So a few options would be to switch to an older Omnipod that would be compatible w/ Loop or to try the newest iteration, Omnipod 5, which is by itself a closed loop system.

Does anyone have experience with using Omnipod with Loop, Ominpod 5 by itself, or plans for continuing loop with a Medtronic pump given the reservoir changes?
Andy Smith

This is news to me. Do you get your pump supplies directly from Medtronic or do get from a third party? I just received Medtronic Silhouette infusion sets from Medtronic and I told them I would be ordering the 3.0 mL reservoirs with the next 90 day order. No mention of supplies no longer being made.

I use the MM722 pump with Loop. Been Looping for 6 1/2 years. Prior to Looping, I tried Omnipod and could not make it work for me. I know many people love the pod but it doesn’t like me.

@Terry4, can you explain why OmniPod did not work for you?

I gave it a good long 5-month trial. I just could not get consistent delivery/absorption of insulin. The fixed angle and depth of the cannula did not work for me. I also experienced a delivery/absorption gap with every pod change. I was taking a multi-unit bolus when I changed pods. But it wasn’t consistent. In addition, I had many problems with “third-day fade,” rising BGs, sometimes, on the third day.

To be fair, I still get third-day day fade once in a while, but it’s like 1 site in 20 and I remember the O’pods troubled by that like 1 pod in 3 or more.

I’m thinking that my long pumping (since 1987) history may have made my usual pump sites poor absorbers for the fixed angle and depth of the O’pod. However, when I started Looping with the angled Silhouette infusion sets, everything just worked. It’s been 6 1/2 years on that system.


Here is info from Medtronics website.

Will you continue to offer MiniMed™ Paradigm™ supplies?

We will continue to offer MiniMed™ Paradigm™ infusion sets and reservoirs. However, if you are using Enlite™ sensors we will no longer be able to supply these. If you are interested in learning more about our newest continuous glucose monitor system and sensors, please contact your Diabetes Therapy Specialist at 800-646-4633 option 3 (M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT).

However its possible certain suppliers may choose to no longer stock/sell.

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Thanks for the reply Terry.

Medtronic is discontinuing a few items but the one which affects me is the 1.8ml reservoir. However, you have given me hope. I use the 722 pump as well and was told by a Medtronic rep that the 3ml reservoirs would not work. Obviously, they do so I will switch to that and continue looping!

Thanks again for your response.

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I just called Medtronic and both the Silhouette infusion sets MMT-382A and the 3.0 mL reservoir MMT-332A will be available for the foreseeable future. Whew! Sometimes my diabetes technology feels threatened.

Ah, I think the guardian 3 operates on the same basis as the elite. I am not up on loop, but I thought most loopers use Dexcom, and if not, the guardian 3 still plays through the new pump much like the enlite did with the old paradigm.

I think of you want to keep the loop going, I would investigate the dexcom 6. Now to be fair, the version 6 will die soon enough so loopers will have to make an adjustment but that might be 1 1/2 years or more away.

Do other looping dexcom users know the horizon? I assume Dexcom 7 will shake up the world? Or maybe not?

I ran loop on the old Omnipod (termed the “Euro” model of pods).
I’m still running the Euro model, but that hardware is being discontinued in 6 months, so everyone will need to upgrade to a newer omnipod model - like dash or omnipod 5.

I have been Looping with Omnipod since 2019. I started with Eros pods and am now using Dash pods so no need for a RileyLink. Everything Bluetooths to my iphone. That is the only device I carry to control the pump. My average A1C since I started Looping is 5.6 and I put in very little effort to achieve that. My endo asked me if I would consider the Omnipod 5 system since it is FDA approved and supported by the company. I told her a resolute no, though I do have friends who have transitioned from Loop to O5. Some are ecstatic with the new system and others have gone back to Loop.


I’ve been LOOPing since EROS then DASH. I took a break to try the Omnipod 5 but hated loosing control. Never could get it to learn me and my A1c went up. Went back to Looping with the Omnipod DASh and never looked back! It really isn’t that hard to build if you read the directions, and I love having everything on my phone and dosing from my watch if I want to!


First I’ve heard of the reservoir issue with Medtronic. Is there no other reliable source? To your question: I’ve been using Dash pods with Loop using a G6 for about 18 months. I’ve got very good control (90%+ TIR w/good SD and COV) using it and I enjoy being tubeless. As you’re coming from another pump, you should be knowledgeable of the testing for basal, ICR, and ISF that would be needed even for change from one pump to another. I have NOT used Omnipod 5; for some people it works great, others not so much, with no seeming commonality of reason. Some people think it’s great because there’s basically one setting…TDD of insulin used, and it adjusts over a period of time…some people love it, others bemoan the inability to adequately impact dosing. You may also want to investigate iAPS in place of Loop; it uses a different algorithm focusing on BG change vice carb input. IAPS has several more settings, thus more need for understanding the impacts of each and work to set correctly. Best of luck in your search….

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Terry, did you have any issues ordering the 3.0ml reservoir from Medtronic?
I tried ordering them last month and today they arrived as 1.8ml syringes. After calling them to ask about the mistake they told me they could not send me 3.0ml reservoirs as they are not compatible with the 722 pump. The rep stated either I needed to upgrade to a new pump or have my provider write a hand written document stating his approval of this match. I was told the FDA would not allow Medtronic to send it. Needless to say, I lost my cool and went off on the rep. After a few minutes of ripping into Medtronic he said he would try to send the 3.0ml syringes. I’m not confident this will happen. So curious what your experience has been.

I’ve done that more than once and feel awful afterwards. Sometimes I come to my senses to apologize. The reps are between a rock and a hard place. We are the rock and their limited authority to do what is necessary is the hard place.

I hope you get the right stuff.

Andy - I don’t understand Medtronic’s position. The MM 722’s reservoir size is 3.0 ml. The 522 pump, 722’s little brother from the same era, has a 1.8 ml capacity.

I’m guessing that MedT wants everyone to move off of these Paradigm pumps and buy a new pump. The problem with that is the 3.0 mL reservoir is used with their newer models and is native for the 722. I suspect that they have told their reps to try and get everyone off of these pumps due to the 1.8 ml reservoir disappearance. What they told you is true in the 522 case but not the 722. It sounds like the reps are poorly trained or confused.

I have not ordered and received the 722 reservoirs recently as I’ve been using up an excess quantity I’ve had on hand. I’ve talked with the customer service reps last month about resuming delivery of the 3 ml cartridges when I reorder infusion sets in September. I verified, more than once, that the 3.0 ml reservoir is and will be available.

I don’t change my reservoir with each infusion set change. I fill it up with 300 units and change it out separately when it empties. It lasts me about 9-11 days since I average about 27 units/day.

If I were you, I would call again and talk with another customer service rep. If you’re not getting anywhere, I would ask to speak with a supervisor. Tell him/her that you own a working 722 pump that uses the MMT-332A reservoirs and you would like them to fulfill your order.

Please update with your results once you know what’s happening. Good luck.


Thanks Terry.

The last rep reluctantly placed an order for the 3.0ml reservoirs, but we shall see if his overseers change the order. I initially ordered 3.0ml as well before it was automatically switched before delivery. If this happens again I will call.

Thanks for your advice.

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