So I was able to buy a used 13" MacBook Air 2014 with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and an i7 processor for $300 yesterday off Facebook Marketplace. I absolutely love it! Have it all updated and ready to go for looping and thinking of going FreeAPS but have some questions:

  1. Where do I go to learn more about this version and keep up with it?
  2. I know I need to get my settings dialed in, so I will run it with the freeaps stuff turned off for now and use my settings from the master branch. Kinda scared though. Tips?
  3. did I hear right that the orangelink battery and settings have been integrated with the latest version available via the script at loopandlearn.org ? (Build Select Script | Loop and Learn)
  4. If I have master already on my iphone, does this overwrite it or put a separae app on it? If loop is already there, what will the icon be called?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I don’t know the answers, Brad. Much reading to do…


This youtube channel looks helpful: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTbpfq0Pc6eexTnCJgRsX6Q

  1. It is now end of life. Ivan is putting his work now in an openaps port called freeapsX. Can monitor it here: https://twitter.com/raslav

  2. If you’ve used autobolus you can use it pretty safely. The loopandlearn doc has good advice on how to start it:
    FreeAPS Discussion | Loop and Learn

  3. I don’t see my orangelink battery in it but maybe I’m out of date.

  4. You can have both. One app will be called Loop. The other will be called FreeAPS. It will have a purple icon with pegasus on it.

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