Loopers: Phone data or not? iWatch? JoJo beeps to Dev? HELP!

Trying to save some money and frustrations. Need some advice.

Right now I’m using Mint Mobile for my iphone SE and tmobile only towers are HORRIBLE here. Any other cheap providers around $10/month to investigate? Some have suggested Google Fi? Any opinions?

Also, what would I be missing if I didn’t do any data and just occasionally connected to Wifi at work and at night when home? I know it wouldn’t feed my tab for nightscout in real time nor feed my Huwawei watch, but I could just look at the phone when needed and the data would catch up on wifi and back fill, no? What else would I be missing?

What if I got an iWatch 3 for $199/179 on sale?

lastly: I’m running JoJo Beeps and seems to be running smoothly. I’ve heard of people upgrading to Dev branch and am hesitant because it seems to run just fine. What advantages would I have to go to Dev? Any gotchas to look out for? I really don’t want to open a can of worms and have to troubleshoot a bunch of errors.

You are currently on a testing branch. Dev is the stable, master branch for omnipod. I know that confuses people. But, that’s the fact. Your currently on a less stable branch of the code. So, perhaps you can answer your own question, lol. I can’t because I only run off the stable branch.

If you have never updated Loop, I think its time…particularly because your running a branch that requires more frequent updates. Its been 2 or 3 months that you’ve been running. However, you may loose some functionality when you change branches. You should save a version of the JoJo Code somewhere on your computer so you can change back to it if you want. Move the JoJo code back to Downloads folder if you want to change back.

I’m using $25/mo unlimited data plan from Sprint. (You can get in any Sprint store or Best Buy). Even with that, my communications have failed a lot and is the most common point of failure in my system. Although, I just updated the code yesterday and have noticed that they have been working a lot on the BT comm. So has iPhone and Dexcom, so I expect some improvement after the update. I just started the firefly transmitter that @DrBB has been using (yesterday). That is believed to work better with the system after the updates.

I think that everything depends on how reliable the BT comm is in the JoJo branch. Thats something that I dont know. But, as I said previously, that is a testing branch. I expect that any significant improvements have been merged into JoJo, so if you trust that version and can update it, you should be fine. If you can’t update it and are stuck with an old branch of the code, then I would consider moving to the updated Dev branch.

I think its possible that BT comm on the Huwawei phone aren’t as good. I suspect that some of my BT comm problems come from using a knock off iphone. Communication protocols may not be as reliable or as secure in knock offs. Security is very likely to be poorer. That might be an issue for your employer - if they dont want foreign govs rooting around on their network.

Here’s a link to the improvements in the new updates. Are you using XDrip? That might be a complication. Releases · LoopKit/Loop · GitHub

Twist my arm why don’t ya! :slight_smile:

Sounds like I need to get with the program and just do Dev then.

Did I hear right? Beeps is a toggle now in Dev? I really love the beeps part as I know it gets started and that it finishes audibly.

Huwawei is my watch. My main phone transmits to the watch using Xdrip+ which pulls data from Dexcom Share. I think Nightscout does as well.

So what exactly would I miss if I didn’t do any data plan at all and just let it update / sync when it is in wifi? At work wifi is in the bathroom for breaks and lunch and at home, so the longest it wouldn’t have wif is 3 ish hours?

If I got an iWatch 3, I would see updates in realtime directly from the iPhone SE phone to the watch with no data needed, right?

I love me some beeps.

My BT is unreliable, so I need the data plan, but you dont have as many problems as me with that. Might be OK. I see that you just did the reinstall a couple weeks ago. They made some changes to the model. I’m seeing a couple quirky things, so just keep an eye on it. Should be fine.

I believe thats how the watch works, but you might need to reinstall to include it in the configuration.