LOS ANGELES walk a thon--will you be there?

Hey all folks in the City of Angeles (Los Angeles)… I will be volunteering with the walk. Will you be there? I would love to meet people in the LA area !!!

The walk is on November 9 starting at Dodger Stadium. Isn’t it?

No it is tomorrow…Here is the link from the website. Hope to see you there!!


Yesterday, I volunteered at the Los Angeles Diabetes Walk a thon…It was a wonderful experience… Of course you will have some folks who are there to “make life interesting.” All in all I had a wonderful time. I meet a beautiful couple that I stayed with most of the time. The husband is Typ(2) like ME. And the wife was there for support. I wish it was a little bigger but I am pleased with the turn out.

When I tried to go the bus terminal to catch the red line… I developed a horrible cramp in my calf muscle. It just wanted to tighten up. I kept trying to keep it stretched but it would not relax. I managed to make it to the bus station. On the way there I passed the Pio Pico House (hotel),and Historical Olvera street where the oldest adobe house in the area resides. Being this is the area where Los Angeles started. The Spanish shops and community are gearing up for Day of the Dead festivties. These are all ways interesting to see…