Losing insurance coverage, help!

Dear Jocelyn:
Check into the communtity health centers. My friend who is a physician at Centro de Salud Esperanza in Chicago told me that the communtiy health centers provide care to uninsured patients under a state program. I looked at the site of Community Health: http://www.communityhealth.org/becoming-a-patient/ and they provide care to uninsured patients if they qualify. I worked in community health centers in MA and in FL ( I am a physician as well) providing care to uninsured patients and I am very familiar with the Patient Assistance Programs from the pharmaceutical industry, I also have a lot of experience providing to care to people with diabetes that have no insurance. Community health centers usually have a social worker or Patient Assistance Specialist that can help you navigate the system. The applications for the meds and supplies you need are downloaded from the internet and your doctor only has to sign off and give you a prescription. You really can do everything yourself. I’ll be happy to email you the sites where to find the applications and guide you through them. Also having lived though the healthcare reform in Massachusetts I can tell you that what is coming is GOOD!!!. It will be effective 2013 or 2014 I think so don’t lose hope please. Learn about the Patient assistance Programs and look for a community health center near your new address. I think you’ll do well. Please send me a message through Tudiabetes if need more help. Take care and keep your spirits up!!! Samantha Bessega