Losing Stubborn Body Fat on Injection Site Areas


I'm new here and glad to have found this resource - it will be of great benefit!

I'm a fairly active individual who spends 30 minutes every other day first thing in the morning doing a brisk walk or interval cardio and i also workout every night at the gym for 60-90 minutes with 15-30minutes added cardio on top of weights... and I am having a heck of a time getting rid of body fat on the key areas I inject my insulin.

I have virtually no fat anywhere else.

As for injection dosages:

I typically use my ■■■, side of legs for my levimir shots (longer acting) and keep my triceps, abs for smaller quick acting shots.

I follow a pretty strict diet with a cheat day one a week and my sugar levels have been varying until recently due to insulin sensitivity changes and ratio adjustments until I could find the best insulin-to-carb ratio.

I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, proteins and water. Good healthy foods 5-6 times daily and no excessive portion sizes.

I get enough sleep and do not have much stress happening in my life at the moment either.

How difficult is it to lose fat from these key areas?
Am i doing enough physically?

Any insights greatly appreciated!

I'm no expert in this by any means, however some information that came up in a recent thread (here on page 9 for now) might help you out. This isn't the full post, but you can hop over to the other thread and read the whole thing if you like.

This was posted by BadMoonT2 to give proper credit:

"Dr. Steve Phinney says that your metabolism changes when you go below 70 grams in that fat becomes your body's preferred fuel. He terms this state being ketoadapted. Here's a link to a discussion at the Bernstein group that has links to a couple of interviews with Phinney. He is a published scientist so his concepts carry extra weight with me."

Perhaps going low carb (<70 per day) might convince your body to start using the fat from those areas. I know it is also mentioned either in that post or a later post that a "cheat" day will revert your body's preferred fuel back to carbs. Again, no expert, but just a thought.