Loss of focus and drive

So I think I have been lethargic for about 2 weeks now. My life has changed drastically with the separation from my fiance, 2 moves and now trying to adjust to life as a single mother. I got thru all the hard stuff a couple months ago and I was feeling great. But just recently I noticed that my sugar levels have been higher, my work has been suffering because I can't stay focused and no matter how much house work I can never keep up because i am constantly distracted and forget what I am doing. My daughter has missed softball practices and I don't have much patience any more. But I think that to is because I have no focus. I have noticed this stuff going on and trying to keep my levels right, but it seems like once they are off I am so out of it that I forget about my insulin and it turns into this vicious circle. This is very much not like me. I am normally organized and prepared. I just am now realizing that this has been going on, on a sever level for a couple weeks now. I don't know if it is just me getting a little older, the diabetes or maybe depression. I don't think it is depression though because I am enjoying my new life and am very happy with it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this.

Your talking about typical behaver for someone in 2013. Our lives are filled with multiple tasks and with chemically powered brains cannot keep up with, email, tweets, face book, our web forums, and this is all before we have breakfast, not to mention taking care of our family responsibility's and our jobs.

Two years ago I went to a Neurologist/ memory specialist complaining about being forgetful and having short term memory loss. They tested me and said I did better than some of the doctors at the clinic, they said in todays world we are trying to juggle too many balls...they said don't give anything up just try not to do everything at the same time...Watch young people around you they cannot even set their phones down.

You need to learn to focus--it is hard. Heard a great interview about FOCUS on Diane Rheims NPR show this morning. She interviewed Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) He had some good thoughts, and here is a link.

(Scroll down for the story)

Focus is as much mental as physical. In order to maintain mental focus one needs to be as physically focused as possible and vice versa. Often times we are driven by goals. When we lose goals, we lose focus and when we are physically not in our best shape we lose focus. It is the great Yin and Yang of the human body. When I started my doctoral work I first worked on my diabetes. I felt if I were not as well as I could be I woudl lose the ability to complete my tasks. As I finished my doctoral work I was far more mentally active than physically able. As the mental stretched the physical suffered.

Now I am not saying this is true for everyone. But as a long term diabetic I find I need both in balance to get along well. What i see form your comment is that even though you like where you are, getting there might have been difficult.

I suggest giving yourself a break let things recenter. Believe it or not you will get rebalanced. Oh and spend a few more days cheering for the softball team and few less worrying about keeping all the various balls in the air. All balls do at some point crash. I would start with my daughter and work outward.

Sometimes when working I had to do that in order to allow myself a good chance to recover. That is not judgmental in any way, it is just what I did to recover from my own personal to many balls in the air times.

I wish you the very best. I can see your point in writing, I trust you will find your way thru to the other side, whatever that might be.

Thanks for you comment. I do believe that you need to be both mentally and physically healthy in order to feel over all balance. And I think that is a big problem. I normally work out about 5 times a week, 3 times being yoga and I haven't in a month or two. I do think I need to step back and make my time for me and my time for my daughter the major priority. Maybe start taking walks with her in the evenings before bed. Thanks again for your reassuring words! :)

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one thinking I need to see a specialist! LOL Thanks for your comment, I like the "try not to do everything at the same time". Going to remember that one