Loss of time due to low blood sugar

Has anyone else lost time due to hypoglycemia. I lost about 4 or 5 hours yesterday. Not sure what time I awoke. Told by my daughter that we played cars. I kind of remember, but it seemed like a dream. When I awoke at noon, I was in a different bed. I'd felt half awake/half asleep - kept thinking I was dreaming. My daughter unfortunately didn't realize anything was wrong - just thought Mom needed to sleep more. I saw my watch at 12, then 12:15 and at 12:25 decided to get up as I heard the tv on. I went down and watched with my daughter for a bit but the screen seemed misshapen and out of focus. I finally clued in at 1:15 to check my sugar. It was 46 - I've been that low often without any problems, but this time I lost the whole morning. Has anything like this happened to anyone else.

I have had this happen on a couple occasions. Usually as part of a long string of repeated hypos.

Don't necessarily have to be asleep. I can get stuck in this funky state where I am reading the same page over and over and over again... where my eyes are reading the words and the words are going into the brain but brain is not doing anything useful with them.

Sometimes my wife tells me that when I'm in this state, that I can't even really sit in the chair either. It's like I'm continually falling out.

If I check my bg in this kind of state, it is not necessarily super-duper lower than other times when my brain is better-working at the higher levels. But like I said... after a string of repeated hypos... I am basically setting myself up for falling into this state, whereas at the beginning of the string I will be more functional.

Hearing others describe it, reminds me why they gave me the "I am not drunk" card when I was diagnosed a good chunk of a century ago!

Been there done that, woke up in charlotte. Really on a flight between indianapolis and Orlando the plane rerouted to Charlotte to drop off a passenger experiencing odd behavior (me). I woke in Charlotte strapped on a cart with some one asking how much I drank before I got on the plane. I mumbled nothing and once in the terminal they took my blood sugar and I think they said I was 22 or 29. I forget but thankfully they let me get on another plane, later of course. And 7 hours and 2 free meal passes later I showed up in Orlando my bags waiting. Thankfully all angry passengers from the morning adventure had departed the terminal. Not my best performance.

thanks - I had had quite a few lows recently


-Stifled snicker- Ohhhhhhh, once or twice……

Oh my yes... My fave is coming home from work and passing out for a few hours, waking up looking at the clock and thinking OMG it's 8 o'clock I'm late for work. My wife would notice me running around the house in a mad dash and ask "what's up?"then she would chuckle and say no your about 12 hours early for work, honey would you like some supper.

My wife has also found me with forehead split open, face covered in blood looking for my phone so I could call an ambulance, I was saying that my pump gave me 46 units of insulin by mistake, what I was really looking at was my SG reading.