Lost Again

This may sound like wining, but these are some of my greatest fears, because if any one of these happen, I fear won’t be able to cope.
Loss of sight, Loss of limbs, Hart failure, Kidney failure.
Is this is my future.
I work hard to keep everything under control but it seems like every step forward I end up getting two backward, I’m so tired someday I feel like giving up and say to heck with it, well there it is I just checked my glucose it’s 2 ½ hrs after dinner my Carbs were 75g for my dinner: ¾ cup vegetables, 5 Vienna sausages chicken, 8- 2” corn tostadas.
Bam glucose 205, so I lost again.

Hi Again Grumpy:

Please don’t give up. Your numbers are not too bad although 75g are too many for one meal. It should be more like around 45g. per meal unless you are quite active.

You haven’t had Diabetes Very long. It takes time to get your carbs, meds., numbers, etc. straight. No one has perfect numbers all the time since there are too many factors that throw the sugars off, including stress. Just do your Best to keep your sugars in the Good range most of the time. I don’t know what these (8- 2” corn tostadas.)are but they may be the problem. I presume that you have included any carbs from the beverages that you have consumed today. Also some foods can carry over 4 or 5 hours later.

Try to drink your 6-8 glasses of water also. It helps to keep the kidneys flushed, helps to rid your blood of some sugar and toxins, helps to keep you hydrated and other stuff. Keep your chin up. :o)


Don’t give up! 75g of carbs…MY gosh! that’s a lot of carbs! Just like Terrie said, you are new at this it’s going to take time and adjustments. Have you seen a dietitican??? if you haven’t seen one you might look into it. I try to stay between 30-40g of carbs per meal. The corn tostadas…anything w/ corn would effect your bg’s…take care hang in there!!! it’ll get easier and easier. We all struggle…