Lost Meter

So, call me irresponsible. I've had my pump for about a month and was playing soccer a few Sundays ago when I must have dropped or just accidentally left my ping meter at the soccer field. Can't find it anywhere. The lady that runs the soccer program says no one has turned it in yet. Needless to say I am pissed. I know I should keep better track of my most important things. I HATED having to take that meter with me to soccer but at the time I was completing the BG management program and they wanted everything uploaded to Diasend so I had to use the Ping Meter cause that's the only one I had upload stuff for. Normally I'd just take my one touch mini cause I get them for free with coupons all the time...so no big deal if it gets lost.

Obviously I have my one touch mini's which I suppose I will have to use for now. Anyways, I am curious:

Has anyone else out there lost there's? Did you get it replaced? I was told it would be 200.00 which I think is awful!

If it doesn't get turned in, I think I am going to take my chances just waiting for the Animas Vibe to come out. It'll only be 300.00 for me to upgrade to the Vibe when it comes out and I should get a new meter with that... I'd rather pay 300.00 for a whole new Pump and Meter with the Dexcom integrated, as opposed to 200 for a meter now and then 300 in hopefully less than a year?

I hate to break it to you but the Vibe does not come with a meter. The vibe cannot talk to the pump. It can only do cgm:( Just fyi so you do not wait for it to come and than realize it does not have meter.

yea I know that, but you can't use the Ping meter with it anyways... at least you can't use the remote part which is why it would be 200.00. I can use a regular one for WAAAAAAAAY less, like free.