Lost the program for the pump and the meter

Somehow I lost the software for the pump and the meter. I would like to update my meter so I can add more foods to it, etc. But without the software I can't do it. I have a mac which they haven't come out with the software for it so I'll have to put it on my windows computer.

Anyone know how i can get the software or even get it through an organization as right now I do not have much $$ coming in?


I have it, I can send you a link in a few mins.

You still need the data cable though.

The EZmanager Max software has a MAC version. From Animas

(Apple® computer running Mac OS® 10.5 ("Leopard") only. Mac OS® 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") currently not supported)

Anyway, you can download it from here; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31163533/exmanagermax.iso

I have maverick os 10.9.2

I'll try it and see. if not I can boot up the windows and try that. thanks for the link!

forgot to add is i don't have the cable to it as well. But hopefully I can get the program up and running then worry about the cable

If you don't have the IR cable for the pump, you can still use it on the meter with any old USB-A to Mini-B Cable

Just a heads up, I was able to get the entire kit from my endo for free, the disks and the cables... maybe yours could do that too?

I'll have to see if i have any of the cables or something comparable. If not, I can ask my endo's office if they have any spares I'll be happy once i can update my meter with other foods, etc.

it won't let me finish installing it on the mac. At least I have the link and can try on the other laptop. Hopefully I'll have success!

cross your fingers that it will be up and running and working on the other laptop..I found a cable for my meter that is compatible so I can update my meter :)...I'll be singing hallelujah if this works!

and the program works :)..I just need the pump connector as i already have the one for the meter :)

well an update....i am back to having it all again. I'm having trouble registering my pump..i put in the right serial number but it says its invalid...i am hoping to get the cord for the pump as I already have one for the meter. I feel whole again :)

Yea, you'd probably have to use an older Mac version.

I ordered the kit using my serial number and their website, like 12 weeks ago, and still nothing. I actually got the kit I'm using from the Endo, like I said before.

I don't know how long it usually takes to get one from Animas directly but, if I EVER get the one I ordered, you're welcome to it.

Otherwise I would call them. I heard they used to come with the pump... but they stopped to save $$, because not everyone uses the software.

Yep, unfortunately the Meter doesn't provide you with ALL the data like the Pump download does. :(