Lots more basal than bolus

my a1c went up almost a whole point because i didnt want to admit i was more diabetic than before. since i got those results last month ive finally added some more insulin to my tdd, adding a unit of levemir in the am and another 2 in the evening. i added those instead of the fast acting because of big fat numbers in the morning and because i was seeing some random highs throughout the day, like fasting ones, before lunch, dinner, whenever it felt like being contrary.
the extra 2 pm units are working awesome, i wake up in the 90s. the extra day unit is working well too. in the 80s and 90s before lunch and dinner. between meals i am eating snacks or g tabs or id be low.
the only thing im not sure about is the fact that im now only taking one unit of fast acting at breakfast. dont need any more. my job starts jut after lunch and i cycle there (30 minutes) so im at 120/130 when i get there and then i walk home (1 hour) or cycle to get home for dinner. if i took a unit before lunch i would definitely bottom out on after my 30 min ride to work.
ive read everywhere that it should be kind of even. is there a problem doing it this way? i like the levemir, much less low inducing than the fast acting, or so it seems.
does anyone else have a tdd like this?

If my BG is ok, I could care less what my "split" between basal and bolus is. The BG is the main goal and if you are hitting your targets, that's the important part.

BTW, Your A1C went up a point because you went to New York, not b/c of any admissions of diabetesness!

I agree with AR. After years of this, all I care about is consistency and health.

Did you eat well in NY? I looked at a deli pastrami sandwich and almost fell over from the potential blood glucose problems. When I asked if anyone wanted to share, they looked at me like I was crazy! Breakfast and lunch were fun. I was too full for dinner!

Are you eating low carb? That can heavily weight your TDD towards basal.

acid, my a1c was up BEFORE ny! in nyc i ate ok, not great, it was really hard being at the mercy of holiday food-my sister in law made baked ziti for xmas dinner! stuffing did a number on me another night-no self control with stuffing... :/ and the ny pizza. did a fair amount of correcting.
i am eating low carb, lowish, less than 100 a day, and im quite active, so maybe that has a lot to do with it.
thanks for the info. my endo is very old school (endosaur) and i trust theopinions of people on tud more than her.

oh good! glad to hear someone else is doing it this way!
the exercise too close to the bolus kills me. the other day i went into work early fo a meeting (two and a half hours after bfast bolus and left the house with bg a 178-in anticipation of excercise.) got there after stopping at supermarket and was 48. hair was a sweaty mess after id just done it. so undignified....

cool, id appreciate it.