Lots of trouble opening Tandem infusion set plastic lid

I just don’t have any manual dexterity any more, I guess. I nearly always have a LOT of trouble pinching the plastic lid on the two sets of little dots to open the cover over a new infusion set before I plug it into myself. Almost every time, I squeeze and squeeze and nothing happens until I’ve squeezed so hard it flies off and my fingers then almost crush the needle inside! I’m tired of wrecking them! As you all know, especially if we’re on medicare, we can’t easily get spares if it’s not time to get our next 90 day order, etc.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do better? Would it work to just insert a thin knife blade, for example, and just pry it off that way?

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I don’t squeeze it at all. After I peel off the cellophane I just pry the lid off with a fingernail. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding?
I’m using the auto soft 90.

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What type of set do you use? I use varisoft and I insert them manually

You shouldn’t have to squeeze the set to get the cover off. I just hold the set with one hand and flip the cover off with my thumb.

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I’ve been using TruSteel sets which don’t have the applicator, but am going to use an AutoSoft 90 later this morning. The cover has a tab on one side to us to remove the lid. Maybe I am not understanding the problem.

This is the help and advice I was hoping for!

I use the autosoft 90 and I was just following the Tandem directions, I thought! I’m glad to know it will work to just pry it off or push up on the tab.


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So glad that we were able to assist.