Yes, I named my pump. She goes by Louise. And my CDE made a note in my record that I had named her- not sure what to think about that- but I had to amuse myself somehow. This is a difficult thing to deal with.

Yes, if I had a CGM, I would name her Thelma.

And yes, I did have two orange barn cats at some point in my past... and their names were Oscar and Felix (the odd couple, mind you).

And two pigmy goats... named Bonnie and Clyde.... yes, there is a theme.

I went to see my CDE for a 'checkup' post- starting pump. Everything's OK except the inset 30's are /fail for me and have led to some wicked highs that I never even experienced when on MDI. I've got some new insets to try that are straight and 9mm. I think they may be too long, but we'll see... I will give it a try.

Sometimes still dealing with depression/frustration.... extreme frustration with carb counting. I just have too much to do during the day; I can't remember that a cherry is only X amount of carbs. Need to learn to program Animas database with the things I eat most often............

I eat a wide variety of foods. My poor CDE described me along the lines of an exciting eater.. those weren't her words... but yes, I'm very unpredictable. I DO eat a lot of veggies and such, but I love so many types of food. I'm not sure how to reconcile this with diabetes.

I have counted the exact carbs in a dish of sauerkraut and went low a few hours later. But when I count the carbs of an Indian dish, I can wind up high a few hours later (it probably has to do with the rice.... but one tablespooon shouldn't screw me up... that's so unfair!).

Also I have realized that basal testing leaves me grouchy and starving and when the 'testing' is over, I want to eat everything in sight. I hope I'm not the only one like that.... but I seriously, sincerely, despise basal testing. I like food too much :(

I love food as well and the worst is that I also love sweets and carbs and now with my brand new pump I just correct, correct and correct. Counting carbs is a pain in the butt so I try really hard to buy only things that have that handy nutritional chart in them, but then there are the frequent restaurant visits: indian, chinese, mexican, vietnamese, greek, italian... ugh I love them all!

As you know, after a while you start to automatically break down the components of your meal and calculate in your head how much to inject for each. In that sense the pump is an enormous help because you keep on correcting as you keep on stuffing your mouth (mmm just a lil more of that awesome garlic naan bread)but it wasn't until I read "Think like a Pancreas" by Mr Scheiner that I realized that friggin fats,fiber and complexity of carbs can affect the absorption rate as well as exercise. Diabetes is a problem of multivariables and if you suck at math... well lets just say I just try to pass more than I fail so I can balance enjoying life with graduating from life. :/

All my strings students name their violins, violas, cellos and basses -- my string bass was Wilma and my electric bass was Betty. I guess I had a Flintstones thing going. Survival is easiest with smiles.