Love my macaroni

blood sugar: 412
insulin: 27 units novolog

i love macaroni & cheese. so as i was fixing it, i decided to figure out how many carbs there are exactly in the amount i was planning on eating. i haven't been doing counting really, so this was a great place to start. just start measuring everything. so as i'm cooking, i read the nutrition facts & it was a whopping fifty grams of carbs for one cup of macaroni noodles! uuugggghhhh. so not fair! i love love love pasta! so anyway, i also had two slices of bread which made my carb count for lunch 92 grams of carbohydrate. my insulin : carb ratio is 1:5. so that's like, 15 units of novolog right there. i suddenly remember why i didn't like taking insulin. i had to take so much all the time.

oh well, i still got to eat my macaroni.
& i get to hang with my bestfriend today.

peace til dinner.

you should try a cup of whole grain pasta as a healthy alternative with light feta cheese :slight_smile: just as good, less carb

awesome! thanks! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make a note on the carb count of mac 'n cheese: that’s not much more than just plain pasta! 1 cup of pasta is about 45 carbs. So… mac 'n cheese isn’t THAT much worse than regular pasta, white or wheat.