Lovely site for diabetic

Thanks God I found this site! Now I can interact with people who have diabetes like me... I was touched by diabetes August last year... My world crushed whe I found out that I am diabetic, In this Third world country like ours, it is really hard to have a disease such as this... meaning... expensive... And I got rejected from work after they found out that I am diabetic... well, they just don't know that I need a work very badly... how can I buy medicines and strips and all that if I can't get myself a job??

Hope I could gain friends here... help me understand this... because since I got diabetes... I can't understand what's happening to myself...

This site is great. I have found a lot of support here and seems like everyone wants to help everyone else out. Welcome to the site and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask for help


We are all here for you. So sorry to hear about your job. It seems so unfair that the Phillipines is not more educated in Diabetes. Just because you have Diabetes, does not mean that you are handicapped. It just means that we must take a little more care in our everyday lives. It should really be a lesson to everyone to manage their lives a little better. I think that if everyone has this philosophy, things would be better for everyone. Hang in there. We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or just speak your mind, that is what everyone is here for.

Take care and stay in control