Loving it

My son had a trial Dex for a month and now has his own…it has worked soooo well…and other than the fact that it still freaks him to put it on…he loves it! He is hypo unaware so it gives him warning and peace of mind…which is awesome since he is 18 and drives a car. Love it!!!

Hi Katsz, so good to hear and I know the peace of mind this must give you as a parent too. I'm also hypo unaware so I depend heavily on my Dex when driving. It's a life changer for sure.

It still freaks me out to put it on too...that's the one thing I don't like about the Dexcom, the insertion process. I'm spoiled by Omnipod's insertion.

Yea, insertion stinks. I am spoiled like HPNpilot with the easy OmniPod insertion.

My son is on the Omnipod.

By the time he feels his low…he is in about the 40s and can’t think straight yet alone drive. The dex allows me to relax…and let him live a more normal life.