Low and nausea

Am I the only one that feels like they are going to throw up when low? Nothing like having to eat with an upset stomach.

It’s not consistent with me either, let alone with others. It’s usually when I’m in my 50’s I get it.

Same for me, so I opt for chocolate milk, it settles my tummy.

I’ve been Type 1 for over 26 years, and every few years my symptoms change. A few years ago my strongest symptom became lethargy. It took me awhile to recognize it every time, and I thought I was just tired and would climb into bed. Now I normally test first, before pulling the covers up. The latest is that when I’m in front of my computer and my sugar drops the letters turn into symbols that resemble Chinese characters.

Absolutely! In fact, I have thrown up when low before. Fun. And sometimes I get nauseous after I am starting to come up some. That and a headache are a great pair.

I had an awful low the other night that I had to treat, but I was so nauseas the entire time. There is nothing worse!

My little guy (8) doesn’t complain about nausea, but does say he has headaches. The headaches don’t just correspond to lows. Anyone else get headaches with lows or highs?

i remember feeling severe nausea with both highs and lows for the first two years. looking back… i wonder if the stress of dealing with the unknown added to the situation? and i can definitely relate to having to eat when i can hardly swallow food due to nausea. good luck!

When ever I go really high or really low its an awful feeling getting back on track. The headaches that I get are usually associated with a high. When I’m low I will babble on and on until I realize I have no clue what I was talking about. I used to love my Cherry Coke, since I have been T1 (June 08) the thought of regular pop makes me want to puke. It sits in my stomach like a lead balloon. It is so strange how quickly symptoms change and mean different things, this usally happens for me when I get comfortable with my treatment, Sometimes I just wonder how so many have of you have gone through childhood/teen years with this, I was 30 when Dx, and I will tell you- this is the hardest adjustment I have ever had to accept.

The headaches worry me, but we’re tightening up managing his readings.

Since 7 my little guy has dealt with it amazingly, he’s 9 tomorrow and I’m still waiting for him to complain!!! I used the analogy that he’s a finely tuned sports car and he needs to keep himself tuned up for his sports (hockey, football and baseball…)

My Assistant coach in football was dx at 30 and he was Michael’s mentor during pump training.

I’ve probably been nauseaous when low, but have had so many different reactions and symptoms, it’s crazy. My heart beats “loudly”, reading becomes difficult as the wording blurs, quick snaps at my wife or friends when they’re around or try to ask “am I ok?”, so many different things u guess all I really need to feel is - SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!

Anyway KiwiRox…hope your nausea symptom changes this year to something "better"or conducive for treating it!

Just had to reply to this, as my birthday is tomorrow, as well. :slight_smile:

I do get headaches every once in a blue moon associated with lows. Usually when it’s a fast drop. Good for you having a mentor right from the start. I just started mentoring a 14 year old.

Paying it forward, as the knowledge after years of dealing with this sometimes crazy disease beats a doctor’s degree.

I usually get nausea as a symptom of dropping quickly, but it doesn’t need to be triggered by an actual low. Usually if I feel a little queasy, I check my Dexcom, and 9 times out of 10 it has a straight down arrow.

It can be really tough to treat a low with the nausea… I work to prevent them.

Yeah I also feel like this sometimes it makes it even harder to treat the hypo.

I don’t get nausea when low, which surprises me since my stomach has literally hurt every day since I got diabetes 18 yrs ago! Or maybe i do get nausea and just don’t know it :slight_smile: Anyone else have this? Also I have a brand new symptom when low that i’ve never had before: I feel like i can’t get enough air into my lungs, a totally winded feeling. It was so strange and alarming that I went to the doc multiple times thinking I had some respiratory thing, and well, I’ve now learned to associate it with lows. So weird?!

OOhh, I get that too sometimes along with the racing heartbeat that I feel like everyone can hear.

Happy B-Day!!! Mike took RIce Crispy Squares into school today…the teachers still dont get that he can have treats from time to time.

I needed someone who could speak from experience and finding out that his coach in football wore a pump the whole time and no one knew! When my assistant found out Mike was Dx’d he teared up for a short second and then showed a stiff upper lip and explained his system to him (MM522 & GGM).

Interesting, I get nauseated when my blood sugar is high. I can’t focus my eyes when its low, which is my first sign. Talk with your doc about it?

just had one tonight. went below the fifties. Got really nauteous, got shaky, got the sweats, and then nausea again when it started to back up over 60, and then a major migraine the rest of the night. Now I just feel exhausted and ready for bed. Only get the headaches when its high, usually the nausea kicks in when I should be eating something to bring the numbers up. ‘Sigh’

I’ve gotten nausea when I was low too though not all the time and wanted to start crying because I had to eat something and didn’t want too (plus lows can make me irrational/oversensitive)