Low BG's after virus?

Anyone have this happen? Had a stomach virus Sunday, feeling well now, but seem to need much less insulin for boluses, especially at dinner. Had dinner tonight, dual wave bolus as usual, and even left some uncovered carbs. An hour later, BG 71 with 2 u IOB (which would normally drop me about 120 points), so I cancelled the rest of the bolus, decreased temp basal and then drank 8 oz of juice (which I know is overkill but I was worried of the impending low).

Is this a common thing, or is my body crazy right now?

My brother is having this problem, he was in the ER Sunday with a stomach virus they said it was the same virus that's on the cruse ships...his BG has been low all week and he has been forced to lower his basal.

It's fairly common. Your body doesn't absorb the carbs as well after a stomach bug. It can take up to a week to get back to "normal". My advice is to lower your basal and your boluses as well and test often and correct if needed.