Low blood sugar or Nuclear attack?

I didn’t sleep until quite late, I think. This is what ensured upon returning home…

I picked up the dog mut for a walk down by the river. It was dark and dog mut was unusually wary of others. He lived in this town a long time and is a good read on the creatures that inhabit it - few can be trusted. Judging most citizens as overwhelmingly not up to standard, he preemptively barked and leaped at them, giving the startling impression of a viscous hell hound and causing most people to preemptively move far off our path. I would offer an awkward apology, but did not reprimand him, as I had to acknowledge that Rambos judgement was, in general, reliable.

When we returned home, it was far darker than it had been at the river. The electricity had again failed, so we fed the kitty by candlelight, smoked a cigarette under the moon, and resigned to bed. All the pets were placed in their prospective beds to avoid any unnecessary stumbling or squashing of beasts underfoot. They were disquieted and jockeyed for superior positions. I settled them and lay down. I felt myself passing through the floorboards and falling at a nauseating rate of speed into the basement. “■■■■! Were dying!” I said to Rambo.

I leaped to an unstable sitting position - Rambo was on his feet, ready for action. I crawled up the stairs that I could feel, despite my black surroundings, swirling wildly around me in maddeningly tight, unbalanced, circular motion like something about to topple over. I was organizing many wisps of thoughts into one concrete one - the idea that I had to get halfway to somewhere, and quick. The pitch black around me constructed an ominous air. Having lost my phone - I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I was left without ability to see or talk to another human being. I would need to reason through this in order to survive. I felt sick and decided on two probable events that explained my circumstances - either my house was filling with poisonous gas or there had been a nuclear explosion that had severed communication with the outside world.

I took hold of what I perceived to be the most immediate and rectifiable threat - noxious gas, and set forth to remove the animals and myself from the house. If gas was the cause of my delirium, then once outside, I was likely to regain my faculties. I crawled about, sometimes making it to my feet, other times simply knocking things over and falling to the floor. I heard glass breaking and felt an accumulation of obstacles in my way. Outside, I put Rambo on his rope and lay on the concrete driveway in my underwear. The cold air revitalized my senses and sharpened my mind. I returned to the house on my feet to fetch a bed and a bone for Rambo, a blanket for me, and called to the kitty. Communication with my kitty solider failed. I looked for her, but was unable to see her through the pitch darkness. Piles of obstructions fell in my way as I tried to navigate to her preferred bed on the second floor. There was no reassuring meow in response to my calls to her. I left the front door slightly ajar - “Your gonna have to get yourself outta this one, kitty solider,” I thought. Things were deteriorating. It was every man for himself.

Rambo and I lay in the cold moonlight in our underwear. By this time we were both wet. Part of my blankets and one of rambos feet was sopping wet. From what? Poisonous fluid? I called to him and tried to coax him onto his feet. But, he was weak and disinterested. He lay on his bed. “Get up, Rambo,” I shouted. “You have to get up!” I tried to lift him to his feet, convinced that he had been overwhelmed by the gas. This was not the dog solider I knew. He was dead weight. We lay there, hoping that in time, the effects of the gas might wear off. Outside I could hear cars driving all along the country roads that surrounded me. If there had been a nuclear attack, then they were trying to escape. Perhaps we should drive to safety, but we would never make it - not in our current condition and not without leaving kitty solider behind. We waited. Where was kitty solider? Perhaps the smallest creature had been overcome by gas.

There was little improvement in our condition outside. We waited. There were no sounds of mayhem from the road. No cars were crashing - just the sullen, rhythmic sound of late-night traffic. Outside there was light and a sense of normalcy. I could hear night time animals going about their normal nighttime business. This was NO nuclear attack. Thank goodness. There was still hope of survival for me and my dear friends. We waited.

There are juice boxes next to my pillow. The thought came. The candle that I had lit on the front step now seemed the greater threat of fire when dog or I tipped it over, a greater threat than even the poisonous gas, from which we had experienced little relief outside. That didn’t make sense. I entered the house in order to feel my way to the juice boxes, confident that I could. Dog followed and upon hearing the unwrapping of cellophane, became his normal self. He came running with high hopes of receiving food as reimbursement for his trouble. I drank two juice boxes and went to bed with the lights on. Kitty curled up beside me. I awoke with exceedingly high blood sugar, but completely free from any side effects of poison gas or nuclear attack.


Great that you can remember so much, and nice story to share the experience. Perhaps your next dog you can train for blood sugar level issues.

Wow! I was on the edge of my seat; so glad you’re okay, along with your four-legged friends (I had visions of the kitty going “poof!” from the lit candle!). What an experience; nightmares are awful and especially those brought on by low bgs! Just … wow!

It seems ironic to me that when the brain is threatened with losing the minimum glucose it needs to survive, it enables creative thoughts and images worthy of the most inspirational muse.

I have lived through a few of these episodes of super-low glucose. On one hand it’s unnerving to experience these dream hallucinations but I also find them a bit fascinating! I’m glad no one got hurt!

I’m still unsure whether you were awake or asleep; does that matter?

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I am amazed you can remember your ‘dream’ in such detail. Glad you all came through ok.

Hehehe, he is NOT a rescue dog. He is a good dog, but if I look weak, he will not think twice about taking the food right out of my hand. He is an anti-rescue dog.

I was fully awake - just not thinking straight. Its a common low blood sugar experience that I sense danger, but it doesn’t occur to me that it is just low blood sugar. Sometimes I perceive low blood sugar as some type of external threat. Thats the main reason I refuse to learn how to operate or shoot a gun…just in case I ever get confused and perceive a threat that isn’t actually there. I feel like I have seen lots of people with physical illness get confused about the source of a threat when their brains are broken.


You should be a writer

that is some fine writing!!

Gosh darn it - it happened again. Far worse. I thought I was at the gates of hell. When I dragged myself outside, I finally knew where I was and knew what was wrong. It was real bad. I called for help and the neighbor guy came over and called 911. It was 1 am. Feel so bad. Need to give him and his wife a thank you card and some movie tickets. I was about to take the long dirt nap. Knocked off my transmitter and my pump crawling around on the floor.

The data is a total roller coaster. Its just cycling back and forth between 250, 400, and 30. I need to start all over finding a totally new baseline for the basals. But, data is so erratic that I have no idea where to start. A month ago the system was super flat line. It has fallen out of control. The only idea I’ve had is that maybe I’ve been using my arms for pump sites all summer in order to give a rest to other tissues. I was getting good absorption, initially. But, now those sites might be overused. Perhaps moving the pump make and forth between my upper arm and my hip is giving dramatically different results. I need to trouble shoot this quickly.

Sorry for your troubles. Give yourself time to recover from this bad hypo. Just try to concentrate on the basics like good hydration, plenty of sleep, and maybe simple, tried and true meals that you give you good glucose results. Go out for walk. You can figure out other tactics soon enough.

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OK, thanks Terry4. I’m just gonna watch it and see what it does for a couple days. I’m finding I need to watch closely - as long as I’m vigilant about looking at the sensor every 45 min or hour, it should be ok. Its tried to bottom out on me already twice this morning, but I caught it. I’ll set some overnight alarms.

I swear to God, I thought I saw the Egyptian God of Death last night. Really freaked me out. Was probably just my dog, but it sure did the trick - got me up and moving. Nothing like a little hysterical flailing to get the adrenaline pumping and pull the numbers up a tad, LOL.

My regular nightly lows found me getting quietly out of bed making my way to the kitchen the whole house is distorted just faintly familiar I am in a twisted and unreal world not knowing where I am, often suffering deep depression, there is no point to living etc. If this is what clinical depression feels like then thank god I have never had it. Then something at the back of my mind suggests I should eat something, often a jam tart. Then over the next 20 minutes the room becomes increasingly familiar and reality returns.

Why when this happened three or four times a year did I not realise sooner what is happening and just grab the Dextrose at my bedside? one of life’s diabetic mysteries

Finally the worst happened and out of this stressful and frightening dream a face appeared, a grim unshaven face staring intently down at me, not as I first feared a burglar trying to extort my credit card pin but worse - a paramedic who my poor wife had called out at 2.00 am.

This led me first to the Dexcom G5 and then on to the Libre/xdrip/MiaoMiao combo. 20 months on no visits to the kitchen with alarms sounding when required and Hba1c down from 6.5 to 6.

Mohe referred to his sensor so what system are you using that does not come with alarms? If you have the Libre then for about £165 you could add the MM and xdrip+and banish these episodes in theory for ever - just remember to keep your phone battery charged.

There is an article “All about CGM” on my website bgonmywatch.com which lists all the options available in the Western world if you are interested. Informnation applies to the UK other regions prices etc will vary.


Yes, Dex would have prevented this. I restarted my Dex and then fell asleep before it was calibrated.

I’ve never experienced things like this, but I once tried to get out of my bedroom to the kitchen by walking behind the curtains and trying to open the “door” that was the wall and window sill. I kept fighting with the “door” for a few minutes until I realized where I was and walked to the kitchen and ate way too much… Woke up with my BG at 20 mmol/l (360 mg/dl) and a pounding migraine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn, late to the party as usual, but if voting is still open: Nuclear attack. Definitely.


"Rambo and I lay in the cold moonlight in our underwear."

What kind of underwear does Rambo wear?

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You guys sure have strait-laced and respectable hypos.

One evening I was sitting around and noticed that the brown of the dining-room table was in one corner of the room, the shininess was in another, the shading caused by the angle of the lamps was about ten feet away, the squareness of its edges was about 20 feet away, and so on.

This seemed to me unusual, maybe even noteworthy, but after an hour or so things rearranged themselves in a more usual manner.

The next evening, almost at the exact same hour, the same thing happened. After contemplating the nature of the universe for a while, it suddenly occurred to me to me to measure my blood sugar. (This was not my fault; I was subject to bad social influences.)



So, Ive been looking at the numbers for a while. Mostly, they are almost perfectly flatline overnight. But, then two nights ago there was 100 point drop from 160 to 60. There was no insulin on board or exercise that should have created that event. 100 points too much. I dropped the basal. I now have some moderate morning highs, but I’m cool with that…Lest Anubis cometh.

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@MapleSugar, Its informative to hear about your super bizarro sensory perception. I always wonder if that stuff is JUST low blood sugar or if I’ve got some epilepsy stuff going on - especially late at night when disrupted sleep can make seizure activity more likely. I suppose I’ll never know, for sure. But, if I feel like I’m traveling through time, I generally attribute that to partial seizure.

The stories of others feeling deeply depressed while hypo seems to be a common thread.


It’s actually kinda disappointing when my bg comes back up to normal and I figure out that no, I didn’t actually solve all the worlds problems! It all seemed so clear when my bg was low!

Of course at same time my wife tells me I can’t even sit down without falling out of the chair when my bg is low. I just slither out of the chair and onto the floor sometimes.

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