Low blood sugar snacks

Besides glucose tablets, what do you usually eat when your sugar is low?

Skim milk or raisins.

I never take glucose tablets, the texture of them makes me gag. I will have 10-12 grapes, they have about 1 gram of carbs each. I also carry with me the kid’s size ( 4.2 oz) of juice, this is when I am not home.The juice container has 15 gms of carbs. Otherwise I will have 4-6oz of OJ, depending on how low I am. I have found things with all glucose will work quicker than things with fat also. If I want to be really daring I have a few ( l5 or so ) Skittles candy, they also have 1 gm of carbs each. If you like soda ( I don’t ) you can have 6 oz of regular soda.

A small juice box. If I’m not too low yet, but heading downwards, and I have a banana around, I’ll eat that - very quick acting carbs. In a pinch, I’ll drink regular soda.

I need something that is fast acting and will not melt or get sticky like candy does. It also needs to be good.

Raisins are like little carb bombs - they work great.

I don’t like raisins.

I like jelly beans or skittles

Starburst jelly beans, V8, Cranergy

I know some people use sweeties