Low Blood sugar

My blood sugar was 64 and I had no symptoms. We where on a car ride ,little exercise in AM. Should I be concerned. I do take meds. Nancy50

You should always be concerned about getting low, so carry carbs with you at all times. I use skittles, others use glucose tablets, other hard candies, etc, etc.

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Maybe yes, maybe no. This really depends on what your average BG runs as well as your personal high and low. If you normally run between 60 and 75, the 64 will be and feel totally normal for you. If you normally average closer to 150 with a low of 125 and a high of 175, you will feel barely alive at best at 64. What really matters is how far is your BG used to straying from 64 to determine how much you should be concerned. I tend to run low BG so for me I could average 64 for several days in a row and that would not concern me at all as long as I did not have frequent episodes under 50.

Each individual needs to either on their own or with the help of medical staff determine an acceptable normal low BG, High BG, and average BG. From there set up food and medication to best stay within those individual goals.

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I run a bit below and above 100.

Nancy Matulis

If your body is used to cruising along at an average BG of 100, the 64 is nothing to worry about beyond taking measured action. Stay away from food for at least 4 hours and then test some candies such as Skittles, Swedish fish, gummy bears, anything you like that has very few carbs for each piece. For me, for example, I use Swedish fish and each candy I eat brings my BG up exactly 10 points. So if I were used to cruising along at 100 and dropped to 64, I would eat 3 Swedish fish that would bring my BG back up to 94 and all would be good.

It is fairly easy to fine tune your BG with small candies that you have tested to see how many points each candy raises your BG. You will be surprised how tightly you can keep you BG to where you and your doctor want it to be.

Thank you for responding. Nancy50