Low Carb Beer Recommendations

Beer bottles on wall

One of the challenges of being a Belgian and Ale drinker who also has diabetes is that most of the great tasting brews have a lot of carbohydrates and some have a lot of alcohol. Alcohol presents an interesting problem. The carbohydrates raise blood sugars ( within minutes ) but the alcohol lowers blood sugar hours later. For someone on insulin this present a challenge of how much insulin to take to control the blood sugars. I have tried a few low carbohydrates brews but … they leave much to be desired. Anyone have any suggestions?

Sam Adams light is the best tasting low-carb beer I’ve found yet. It’s about 9 grams. I have decided to forget trying to do low-carb beer (b/c I love the super-high carb ones) and just make sure I bolus appropriately. I also cut my basal overnight - usually I just cut out the extra I use for dawn phenomenon but sometimes I’ll cut it down to 75%. I have no suggestions if you’re not on a pump, though.

I say experiment with different brews and insulin amounts and find the balance. It’s worth it. I mean come on…Chimay or Michelob Ultra? …Duvel or Coors Light?..its like comparing leather boots to flip flops.

I live in San Diego, arguably the finest micro brew beer town in the US. Double IPAs are my favorite. I am a beer lover and a bit of a beer snob. I have gotten a lot better at guessing how much insulin to take for certain beers, but I still mess up sometimes. Oh well…the beer in me usually makes it easy to forgive myself. Just take a bolus shot, check often, and keep the glucose tabs handy.

If I am held down against my will and forced to drink a Bud Light, I find that it does little to my blood sugar…and even less on my taste buds. Sam Adams and Amstel Light are tastier options.

BTW - if you like Belgian I recommend Trader Joe’s 2008 Vintage Ale…not a true Belgian but a fine effort and a reasonably priced holiday ale. CHEERS:)

Indeed Bud Light has very little carbs… and also very little taste! :slight_smile: