Low carb diet

Hello everyone! I’ve have switched to a low carb diet about a year ago. My goal is to be at 30 carbs per day, but i believe do to my gastroparesis problem i can only get down to about 40 carbs daily. When i get lower i start having terrible sour taste in my throat and mouth and get really nauseated. When i spoke to my doctors they have no answers for me and think i should not be on a such a low carb diet that dr. Berstein recommends. I was curious if anyone has experienced similar issues and had any suggestions for me? I think im tasting the ketons in my body going up, but the taste makes me sick. Please help


what works works. Why specifically 30 g?

30 g of carbs is not much less than 40 g of carbs. if 40 g of carb is working for you and 30 is not, then keep it at 40.

You can also tweak insulin doses and timing of doses to help keep things ideally managed.

Hope you’re having a good day.

I’m trying to have normal blood sugars and a1c of 5.0 and less. That’s what dr. Berstein suggests. Are you following any low carbs diets yourself?

Honestly, you aren’t going to notice the difference between 30 and 40g
if your bloods and weight is good, with no bad hypo or hypers… it’s working for you.
more important I think is to do a basal test

I’m on ketogenic LCHF under 50g

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As others have said, the difference between 30g and 40g isn’t worth getting worked up about.

Anyway, guidelines are just that: guidelines. Every body reacts differently to a given regime, which is why you need to determine by trial and error what gives you the right results. If that’s 25g, then it’s 25G. If it’s 30, then it’s 30. If it’s 42½, then it’s that.

Once you’ve determined what works best for you, then that’s what to do. Eyes on the prize—it’s the actual results that matter, not some arbitrary standard.

The right thing to do with advice from any expert is to take what you can use and leave the rest.



Yes I follow low carb diet, though I don’t specifically count carbs.

My approach is more about what I do eat (meat, eggs, heaps of non-starchy veges, nuts in moderation, cheese, full fat dairy - though I don’t do yoghurt or drink milk except a drop in coffee when there’s no cream around), some alcohol. I rarely if ever eat grains or fruits or sweets (and when I do it’s with lots of testing and possibly corrections).

Yes, I follow Dr B’s principles, though not necessarily everything he says to the letter. My a1c is hovering around 5.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Much appreciated

What do you eat then if you only eat 40g carb. Nut butters, cheeses, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, oil, tofu, leafy greens, lemon juice,?

this is atkins phase 1 @ 20g,and would be the basics

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mostly chicken, turkey, celery, turnip, zucchini. Couple of saltines with cream cheese. The only really bad food i eat is 20 grams of potatoes which amounts to 3.5 carbs

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