Low Carb Dieting

Can anyone help me on how to start a low carb eating plan? To be honest, I havte counting calories, just saying! And I have a large appetite, which I don't like!!! Thanks!!!

I checked your profile and it does not say if you are T1 or T2. Also are you on any medication that could cause you to go low?

The answers to these questions could modify the advice members give you.

Carbs are a huge source of energy, so they are a huge source of blood sugar rise as well. Cutting out carbs from your diet is actually much easier and doable than many people think.

You will not feel tired or hungry if you increase your protein as you decrease your carbs. Protein is a good source of energy. It will raise your blood sugar but not as bad or as quick as carbs will.

I follow a low carb diet and I have no problems with energy. I also have noticed a huge decrease in my hunger and cravings since I've been eating this way.

I used to have so much trouble with overeating, snacking, and packing in the carbs. But one thing I did was to get rid of all the carbs in my house and not allow any into he house, ever! It works so well to keep me from giving in to temptation. I can relax and "recharge" my will power when I'm at home because I have no temptations at hand. It helps my hubby to eat healthy as well and his heal is improving with mine!

When finding an amount of carbs and protien that work for you, of course you'll want to check your blood sugar often to see what foods and amounts give you trouble or work well. It's different for everyone so it's kind of a trial and error process at first.

I eat a LOT of veggies (not starchy ones), I also eat a good amount of meats, and cheeses.

Thank you!!! Do you know if there is a low carb / no carb salad dressing? I love salads, but I have to have my salad dressing!!

Many bottled dressings have sugar in them; I suggest you read the labels. Or you can just have oil and vinegar which is no-carb and delicious.

I wouldn't think of it in terms of "low carb" but maybe "lower carb" and see how that works. It looks like we're in the T2 Forum so I'd guess that. Your food is 100% protein/ carb/ fat and you should figure an amount of calories/ day that works, depending on your age, metabolism, activity level, etc. and then break it down into %age Protein/ Carb/ Fat.

I sort of ride along with a buddy of mine who administers a FB group and, while many of the folks are working out, they seem to find that 40/40/20= maintain weight and 50/30/20 will allow them to reduce their body fat %age. This also involves working out a lot in their practice but I think the nutritional principal is sound and workable. There are quite a few food apps that you can load your diet (whatever it is...) into that will calculate things. I agree it's a pain in the butt but, whatever your situation is BG goal wise or whatever other goals you're aiming at, I think the easiest way to get there is to count. Good luck!

I use a homemade mixture of olive oil and white vinegar. You can try making your own and find a mix you like.

Yes, I put extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar or lemon juice into a jar, about 50:50 ratio, and shake vigorously. You can add mustard, a little honey (depending on how it affects you) or herbs to vary the flavour. This vinaigrette will last in the refrigerator until you need to make more. Easier and cheaper than bought salad dressings.

When I went to a lower-carb diet (< 100 grams/day), I found it easy as far as hunger and food temptations. Fat and protein are satiating and I found it relatively easy to go 4-5 hours between meals without snacking. Most of our culture is fat-phobic including many medicos. I don't consider fat the bad guy; carbs are the culprit, in my opinion.

If you hate counting calories, you may not like counting carbs, either. Reducing your carb intake is a great way to reduce post-meal blood sugar excursions. What's your goal?

this is what I do.
"Dr Eric C. Westman, MD and president elect of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, has 15 years of experience helping patients lose weight and improve their health using low carb. He has also helped do several high-quality scientific studies on low carb."

" Don't do low carb low fat " @4.00 min into video


For me, the more carbs we eat the more carbs we want. they don’t give up easy

To lower my blood sugars and lose weight, be healthy!!

I agree, Jack. Carbs are addictive. After a week or two on a low-carb diet, the carbs lose their seductive power. And I think low-carb low-fat is a bad idea, too.

The YouTube video is very informative, thanks for sharing!

Re: "Don't do low carb low fat " @4.00 min into video", this is the main thing one needs to understand when embarking on this diet.

Here's a link to our Bernstein Group---one approach to locarb eating. We also have several Locarb recipe groups. I often post in Recipe Exchange or Low Carb Recipe Swap. Look over some of those recipes and you'll find that you won't need to feel deprived once you get the hang of it....I've been doing 30-40 carbs per day for 7 years and never feel hungry or deprived.....Blessings...Judith in Portland......


I was the same way...huge bottomless appetite, and being hungry makes me sad. I have been eating lower carb for about 10 years now, and I can truthfully say it is fairly easy, and very effective in controlling blood glucose and maintaining a healthy weight. Start by forgetting every calorie count you've ever heard, and going forward, oil and butter are not bad things. Focus on meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, and green veggies. Beans and/or fruit maybe once a day. Gradually eliminate or greatly reduce bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. (I know, all the good stuff, right?) Except you'll soon find that you'll be full and satisfied, so you won't crave all the white stuff. If you do happen to get hungry, keep nuts or beef jerky on hand. Craving sweets? Have a sugar-free pudding or a few chocolate coated nuts. If you go on vacation or fall off the wagon, it's easy to get right back on it again. Start with this for the first few weeks, then you can get more into how to eat out and cook great meals. The goal should be to keep your carbs at 20-25 per meal at most, with a 15g snack in the evening, overall shoot for 80-100g carb per day. Good luck!

Well said, Angivan!.....Blessings

realmealrevolution.com has good information and free recipes on their website. They are quick and easy to prepare, and they taste good!

I am a HUGE fan of low carb and even the paleo way of life. It took me a few weeks to ease myself into it. Going cold turkey scared the heck out of me. Now that I an fully on low carb, I LOVE IT. Here's a link to a website that I use often for menus and motivation. http://paleomg.com/

I have noticed that my blood sugars are fantastic and I'm losing weight.

Good Luck,