Low carb exercise?

I stick fairly low carb usually 20-30 per meal same with snacks. I also have a different Lantus dosage for workdays(work is my work out). I tend to test and snack during work instead od carbing up before hand. Of course now whith the summer heat coming I have to figure a new dosage, did 80 carbs during a six hour shift in 85 degree weather on Sunday and was fighting to stay above 70 the whole shift,

Your not old just well aged

For snacking low carb I tend to do almonds and cashews but any nut tends to be pretty low carb. Beer wise I tend to drink dark heavy beers that I do small coverage for. I know they say don’t cover for booze but I still do a minimal coverage since I avoid yellow fizzy water.

I usually eat 30-40 (10-15 for breakfast, 5-10 for lunch, 15-20 for dinner for a total of only 3-4 units humalog a day) carbs per day and I exercise 20 minutes after every meal on a stationary bike three times a day after meals for a total of an hour a day. I run into lows doing this only a few times a week and just pop 1 glucose tab.
The only time I am tired is when my bg is high.

Wow! that is quite the routine!

I had a raised a similar question about this issue :

lol yeah but my motto is less carbs=less insulin=less mistakes&weight gain. I am also in the process of trying to have another baby so my numbers have to be pretty much perfect and the post meal exercise makes a HUGE difference in postprandials.
Snacks are usually almonds, cheese, boiled egg whites as they help me get in my fat and protein while low carbing.

Hi Brian

I always load up on carbs before strenous exercise, but the amount I need varies quite a bit depending on what I am doing and how good of shape I am in. The more muscle I have the more insulin sensitive I become.

1 hr spin class: 30 grams (15 before class/15 during)
45 min run: 15 grams
30 min swim: almost nothing, maybe one bite of a banana

Oddly enough fast paced walking brings my blood sugar down better than any other form of exercise.
Good luck on your marathon training!

Hi Brian,
Love that you’re going low carb, it will definitely make your levels easier to control. While you’re at it, consider making sure those “carbs” only come from non-starchy vegetables (rather than grains such as toast, etc.). If you do this, your body will convert from running off of carbs, to running off of fat for energy. A diet full of animal protein, fats, and non-starchy veggies will give you long lasting energy which is great for both exercise and your blood sugars. (there’s also a long list of other benefits!). I am type 1, been eating this way over 2 years and will never eat a grain again. I have more energy than I ever thought possible and my blood sugars thank me every day. So, definitely look into this. Google “Paleo 2.0” for more info. Best of luck!

Thanks for all the great input everyone! Keep it coming!

Joey can you share what a typical day of meals and snacks looks like for you?

Sure thing -
8:30am Breakfast: 4 eggs, 4-7 pieces of bacon, coffee w/2 oz of heavy (grass fed) whipping cream
2:30pm Snack: grass-fed beef jerky, 1-2 ounces of raw cheese
6:30pm Dinner: steak & asparagus / pork chops & spaghetti squash / skin-on chicken thighs and roasted broccoli / grilled sausage and peppers… tonight we’re having grass-fed beef tacos in cabbage wraps topped with cheese and guacamole.

This works well for me, as I wake with a big appetite. My husband isn’t as hungry when he wakes and typically just has coffee w/heavy cream, and then has a big lunch and the same dinner as me. My breakfast is loaded with good fats, and keeps me full all day. It’s convenient as well as satiating! When we work out more often, we’ll both add a bit more protein and fat during the day, just according to our hunger.

Also, you don’t have to do “eggs” or a typical breakfast for breakfast. It just so happens that bacon and eggs is my most favorite meal ever so I eat it every single day. Don’t be afraid to grill up a nice steak for breakfast - protein is protein. Another great idea is to make twice as much dinner and eat the leftovers for breakfast. Tonight, I’m making a double batch of tacos and I’ll probably eat the leftovers as my snack tomorrow afternoon.

Dinner sounds awesome! I wish I was coming over! haha!

Are you concerned about cholesterol with a diet like that (2dozen+ eggs/wk)? how are you levels?

Nice to hear that you have lot s energy for exercise on this diet. Thanks again for sharing!

This question always comes up when telling someone about the benefits of a high fat / no grain diet.

Check out this great article from Mark Sisson: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/cholesterol/

Hi Joey

Interested in what kind of snacks you eat before a workout. If I don’t have something starchy I go to low.


Great question! I tend to have the same problem.

What I do is take a smaller bolus for my meals than needed and workoff the extra carbs during exercise. Google excarbs and it gives great examples of how to do this.

I eat low carb. maybe 6-15-15 carb wise. Breatfast is 2 kavli crips (or a home made muffin), 1-1.5 oz cheese and 2-3 slices of cold cut. Lunch is usually a salad (cobb or chicken ceasar) with low carb dressing, a wrap on low carb lavash, or a sandwich stuffed in a low carb pita. . Dinner is the same portion sizes but all over the place other than that. Last night was chicken taquitos (2 low carb tortillas @ 14g carbs, chicken, cheese, shredded greens, grilled and topped with sour cream dip).

So, the other day I was tasked with moving workstations around our offices (heavy lifting, climbing under desks, etc). After 6+ hours of this I felt horrible I are 2 granolla bars at 20c each and felt much better with BGs drifting into the 120-130s and no correction. I figure I completely depleted my glycogen stores.

I dont exercise a ton due to retinopathy, but Ive seen many a debate about the amount of carbs that are needed for a workout. You might cut your bolus way low for a bit and keep some glucose with you for the exercise. Then eat 5-10g ever hour like Acid Rocks example. Watch the post effects as well to see how long your system is effected. Also, some good fat before the exercise may help keep things stable.

Also, you post this over in the Bernstein group. I know a few of the group work out with weights and what not.

I can’t help out with this one - my blood sugar rises during & post workout so I actually bolus 1.5 units of novolog before I leave for the gym. It doesn’t matter if I do slow, heavy lifting, or fast-paced body strength stuff, everything (except for walking the dogs) gives my glucose a jump.

Another thing I have done when I was weightlifting and doing cardio is take a protein shake to the gym made with one cup of regular skim milk=12 carbs plus protein powder and drank 1/2 before my workout and the other half after about 45 minutes and it kept me stable.