Low-Carb on MDI?

Can you do low-carb (20 grams to 100 grams or so) on MDI without going low from the long-acting insulin? I see a new endo in August and after 13 years of pumping will inquire about taking a pump vacation as long as I don't have to feed my insulin with tons of carbs.

I do both with no problems, just be sure that you adjust both your long acting and bolus doses for your eating habits. I'm very insulin resistant and also very carb sensitive, so it's a balancing act...

Good Luck!

It could be either one. I never take my short acting insulin until I know exactly what I'm going to be eating... You need to know how many carbs are likely to be in the meal before you shot your insulin. And since everyone is different, you will need to be a bit conservative until you know how your body reacts to both carbs and certain amounts of insulin...

It seems like the endocrinologists are at best "guessing" or estimating or "guesstimating" our insulin requirements.

How does one get better at estimating the carbs? for packaged goods, it's easier. For items like fruits, it's difficult for me. Does anyone measure the diameter of apples, strawberries...etc?

Do you measure your pastas, if you eat pastas? Generally people tend to think of a plate of pasta, not cups, 1/4 cup...etc. I'm sorry if I sound unknowledgeable; this is all very new to me.

If you need help guestimating carbs, try the app called Figwee. You can adjust by sight the size of your meal. I find it really helpful!