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Laura Dolson is cool. My fav is Dana Carpender (http://holdthetoast.com/blog), but Dolson is still cool.

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What I have found over the years I’ve decided that there two low carb cooking approaches. The two philosophies are; the substituters and the selectors. The primary difference is that cooking with substitution attempts to mimic carby dishes with low carb imitations, while cooking with selection results by construction in a dish that is inherently low car.

The substituters develop recipes based on variations of good old favorites, except they replace carby ingredients with low carb or carb free ones. Within this genre, there are two subgenres; the frankenfooders and the naturalites. As one might imagine, the frankenfooders go crazy on the use of thinks like flour substitutes, while the naturalites use thinks like riced cauliflower. I am not a big fan of frankenfooders.

Selecting my favorite approach by far, and they develop recipes and meals by “selecting” to use low carb ingredients, roasted chicken with a side of sauteed spinach and garlic is an example. Unfortunately, I’ve not found cooks that write whole books with this approach, but you can find recipes that fit this model from a wide range of sources.

Laura Dolson is a substituter, but she is mostly a naturalite. Dana Carpender is also a substituter but will drift into frankenfooding, but she has become much more of a naturalite over the years. Sharron Long is a frankenfooder with Extreme Lo-Carb, and Lindas Low Carb is mixed frankenfooder/substituter. George Stella is basicall a naturalite.

I like to think of myself a mixed selector/naturalite. I don’t use fake flours, but I use flax or almond meal or cauliflower. I’ve not had much luck finding good cooks that just choose to select recipes with low carb ingredients, but I’ve become much better at finding “selector” style recipes using my cookbook collection and sites like Epicurious.

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