Low Carb & Symlin


I've only used it for 25g or more. Is there a particular reason you're using it when you are following such a low-carb diet?


I use it for any meal that I eat. I find that when I put anything in my stomach there is a glucagon release that counteracts my insulin and causes a rise. So, even a pure protein meal creates a disproportionate BG rise. Symlin stops that, and also causes your liver to release less glucose for about an hour or more. I find that it helps me regardless of carb count, post meal.
I eat about 20-40 grams of carb a day.


Appreciate this additional info. My MD suggested it as a wt. loss tool and to decrease the amount of insulin I use/day. I am a T1 for about 40yrs and have gained weight the entire time. I clearly over-insulinized to get good control…and paid the price. Hoping adding Symlin will help. Today - took it before lunch and BG stable for 2 hrs post-prandial. I took 25% less insulin/g CHO and ate a little more CHO than I normally would on pretty low CHO diet. Of course, it was the first dose (15mcg) - so not sure what will happen as I advance. Did get a new script for injectable glucagon - just in case. Have noticed, in past year or so, it takes longer for my BGs to come up when I am low - even using dextrose tablets.


Thanks Nathan - for sharing your experience. I think I will be fine despite my low CHO intake. I am hoping for all the positive outcomes you have outlined! Would be great to be “normal.” Meaning, not feel hungry all the time and have decent BGs post meals.


Hey guys!

Anybody still using Symlin? I’m just starting it - had to ask my endo about it. So glad there’s so much good info here!

T1 for 10 years now.