Low Carb yumminess

One of my friends from church made these for bible study Friday night. They were so good I made them for supper tonight. Please make sure to wash your hands right after you deseed the Jalapeno peppers..... yeah I might have rubbed my eyes before my hands where washed (ouch)

So for those of you who are low carbing it or even if you are not Jalapeno poppers are a wicked yummy low carb appetizer, meal or snack.

1 lbs of ground pork cooked
8oz of cream cheese
1 cup of parmigiano cheese
1 lbs of raw Jalapenos

Turn oven on to 425 degrees
Half and seed the peppers
Mix the cheeses and pork together.
spoon the mixture into the pepper halves

Place into an oven safe dish and bake for 25mins
Then try not to eat them all.

They are about 1 or 2 carbs per half :-)