Low confidence?

i want to know that ,all diabetic have confidence problems?.usually i remain very motivated and now i don’t take diabetes a major problem in life as it was 20 years ago with no knowledge of handling it and no testing glucometre, but now i live full life, it is 100 % true that diabetes hinder ur progress,but with proper planning you can overcome it… i know all these thing… still i loose my confidence while talking with friends especially while playing , i fail to deliver my best, and i go on loosing more and more confidence if once it starts. if my team mate points me ,in anger , i feel losing my confidence…,and if i am high on confidence then i outplay opponents.

Don’t let a teammate(s) get you down. Continue to get out of the house and play a sport(s). Sounds like your team mate is the one with the problem and needs to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition. Exercise helps boost ones’ self-esteem and confidence, including diabetics’. By mastering a skill, improving physical abilities, or helping a team, one learns about what they’re capable of achieving and builds confidence. Joining a sport team or other group can help relieve tension and stress, encourage relaxation, and improve mood too. I recently joined a hiking club in which some members take it much more seriously than others, regarding pace, equipment, etc. However, I’m confident that I can keep up as a diabetic since I prepare in advance by walking daily and arrive for hikes prepared with plently of water and snacks plus proper clothing.