Low Dose Aspirin for Prevention of Heart Disease

They have just pushed up the age that people should be taking aspirin regularly, unless you are individually a very high risk.

This Article reads :

"…Most important, health care professionals should consider diabetic patients’ absolute level of risk before recommending aspirin".

"For those at relatively low risk, the risks of aspirin probably outweigh the potential benefits. For those at high risk, aspirin should be encouraged. The strong recommendation to use aspirin in patients with
a history of cardiovascular events still stands...."

Do you take aspirin as a prevention ?

Nope. My GP started me on baby aspirin immediately & he also wanted me on statins. I refused the statins. My endo said no aspirin unless someone has already had a heart attack. He said taking daily aspirin has never been proven to be prevention & wasn’t safe for people who never had a cardiac event.

Well, my endo apparently keeps up on things and was going to suggest that I stop the baby aspririn, but I already had. The other recent finding was that actually “stopping” the aspirin is a risk. It is suggested that instead of stopping “cold turkey” you phase out the asprin use, taking one every other day, then every two days and so on. If the statins don’t kill you then the aspirin will.

I stopped taking it when I cut my finger, needed stitches and the doc called me a “bleeder.”

I think my point on this is that sometimes it really is difficult to know where you should stand of things.
It seems not only you all might be a little confused, but also medical science !!

I never have taken low dose aspirin as a preventative , neither has it ever been recommended to me by my Health Team …almost 70 years of age now .Hope the choice ultimately is correct .

Yes…I had read a while back that tests showed no benefit for women under age 65 in terms of CHD but that the likelihood of stroke was lessened. One type of stroke, that is. A daily aspirin dose increased the incidence of the other type of stroke. Whatever…