Low dose aspirin for your bones? (for amylin deficient too?)

I found this very interesting. Article link A study has found that low-dose aspirin therapy may help those at high risk for osteoporosis by decreasing the action of bone-destroying cells and increasing the action of bone-building cells.

Although it doesn’t mention diabetes, this is potentially very important for type 1s. One action of the hormone amylin (produced by the beta cells & nearly or totally absent in type 1’s unless you’re lucky enough to get it via Symlin) is to reduce the action of osteoclasts, the cells that break down bone. Without amylin in the body, the balance of osteoclasts to osteoplasts (bone building cells) is lost and bone is broken down at a faster rate than it should be. This is partly why type 1 diabetes is a risk factor for osteoporosis and, in addition to effects of high blood sugars, why your bones are weaker from the get-go if you’ve had diabetes since childhood. A lot of research is going on right now about amylin & bone diseases. (But we don’t need it, right? Just insulin. We don’t need c-peptide either. Oh, sorry, getting bitter again :wink:

So anyway, if low dose aspirin reduces excess numbers of osteoclasts and type 1’s have excess numbers of osteoclasts, put two and two together. (Unless the aspirin achieves this by causing increased amylin production, which couldn’t happen in us. We’ll have to wait for further studies to find that one out.)

I take a low dose aspirin every day at my doctor’s suggestion.

Thanks for this article! Much appreciated!