Low dose naltrexone

I just thought I should relate my (and possibly my father’s) story.I just started LDN last night at 1.5, increasing to 3.0 and then 4.5,so I’ll post results as they occur. My father has TypeII, was on pills until pancreatitis, now on a needle,paternal grandma and aunt passed away from complications.The following year diagnosed with rectal cancer, surgery quite successful. my story: always been kind of sickly, but strong willed so I always said “I’m healthy”.Stress is BAD for my health so after a few nasty bouts with illness of varying sorts and my father’s health history, am making changes that are making a difference. Chills, sweats, muscle and joint pain, hearing loss, early menopause but spotting once diet was improved. Told by 25yr experienced reflexologist: blood sugar and digestive problems, Quantum Touch: pituitary concerns, neurologist:fibromyalgia/CFS. Very food,scent,drug,etc. sensitive at the moment but diet is helping overcome. Father is consulting Dr. on LDN mostly concerned with the cancer but we’ll see what happens with the diabetes. I’ll post new developments as they occur.

i heared about it as well and i heared it is very effective in many other dissorders. jet i am looking for expirience with ldn and diabetes - esspecialy type 1

if you have any information about it - please fill me in as well
thank u

Any updates?

Here is a link to MS site on ldn


Doing great still on the LDN. Patient of mine still no progression in MS and still trying to get my Dad on it.

These links are good summaries of use of LDN




Thanks, I’ll look into them. Dad’s on LDN now. His blood sugar levels are better so we’ll see in the coming weeks…only on it for one week so far.

Officially off insulin now approx. 1 month into LDN

What do you mean “off insulin now”??? Is that your father? You?? Please give more detail. Are you or he Type 1 or 2 or what?


Oh boy! I haven’t told you. The care at the center he was sent to (he had a bad case of sciatica)… they dehydrated him and took him off LDN unbeknownst to us, the family. Sadly he passed on Apr.17. They had to start his insulin again after they took him off LDN. He was Adult onset Type 2, like his siblings and mother. I am not and plan to prevent that from occurring