Low dreams and waking up low

So I have this dream that I’m in a pond with my mom, and we are being chased by poisonous water snakes. It was quite vivid.

I wake up, and after thinking ‘well that was a weird dream,’ I realize that I can’t move my legs because they have that wobbly feeling. I stay put for a while, mustering up the will to grab my emergency juice, which is on the floor, next to my bed. But that might as well be a mile away. I think maybe I can just go back to sleep and deal with it later.

Nope, can’t sleep, super low. So let’s start by rolling onto my side. Good, now reach down. Okay, now for a break. Hey, my arm feels weird dangling like this. Okay, grab the juice. Great, now pull juice up and get the straw out of wrapper. Stupid straw, it keeps bending. Put straw in juice box. Drink…delicious.

freaky…glad you made it out of the pond.

I have the juice box by the bed as well, but I usually end up cursing while trying to unwrap that little straw. When I was a kid, it seemed so easy…

Good that your okay. I also tend to have strange dreams when I am low. I guess its just a common thing for us…