Low foods?

When I’m low I try to eat things that are healthier. When I was first diagnosed when I’d reach a low I’d run for an apple with peanut butter. Yes, in moments I’ll run for candy or juice, as they tend to be faster in gettin me back to normal. A lot of times I’ll have a graham cracker or two with peanut butter as that seems to keep my numbers where I want them to be without going overboard.
When I talk to other diabetics, many have told me they have a peanut butter sandwich, or something with peanut butter. I’m curious, as to what foods people eat when they are in lows.

I think the question is what “don’t” I eat when I’m low. I’m notorious for over treating myself with anything from Duncan Hines frosting, Hershey’s syrup, and Frosted Flakes. And yes…I’m talking all at once :slight_smile: I think you know what happens next :frowning:

Now that you mention it, I think peanut butter would be the perfect topping on my special hypo-dessert.

When I wanna be a good diabetic, I have 6 oz of orange juice, nothing more nothing less. Gets rid of the jitters fastest for me.

I think waiting for the low to go away is the worst. Who wants to take just 15gms of fast acting carbs, then just sit there like a starving animal. I know over treating is bad, but c’mon…that box of Krispy Kremes is calling my name!!

I used to use minute maid juice boxes, but I’d down the whole box and that was too much. Lots of highs caused by low corrections. Now I use half a box of raisins (1.5 oz size), or a few glucose tabs, I like the generic brand better than BD which are rock hard to chew.