Low premenstrual insulin sensitivity

My partner’s premenstrual insulin sensitivity seems to plummet, making it very difficult to control highs: her bg simply seems to climb to a certain level, no matter what her basal rate or what her correction, till finally the insulin kicks in and she crashes. When I last posted, about the A1C as a predictor of complications, I got some very helpful, expert responses, so I thought I’d try again. Does anyone have any experience with this phenomenon or suggestions as to what can be done about it?

I too go REALLY high the day before and the first 2 days of my period. I have a separate basal for those days that is more then 20% higher. It seems to keep things a little more steady. Tell her to try not to stack the insulin too much. The lows are not worth it.

Your partner is holding fluid at that time. Her weight gain % of body total can be used as a partial indicator of how much more basal she needs at that time. I think Katie has an excellent response: set the basal for it, recognize it takes longer for insulin to take ahold, do not stack it.
And meanwhile after seeing her record of what takes place during that time, her endo could supply something to keep fluid retention minimal.